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Top Business Tools to Help Streamline Operations




Are you looking for ways to make your business operations more efficient? From communication and collaboration to task management, there are plenty of business tools that can help. In this article, we’ll share the top business tools you need to help streamline operations. Keep reading to learn more.


A fax API is a powerful tool that can help businesses streamline their operations. It is a type of application programming interface (API) that allows businesses to send and receive faxes over an internet connection. By utilizing a fax API, businesses can quickly and easily send and receive faxes from their computer, mobile devices, or other applications. The API also allows businesses to easily track outgoing faxes, manage incoming faxes, and even store them for future reference.

The primary benefit of a fax API is that it provides a quick, easy, and secure solution for transmitting documents and information. Instead of having to print out and fax documents, businesses can now send and receive documents through the cloud with a simple click of a button. The API also provides businesses with a secure and reliable way to transmit confidential information. It also allows businesses to easily track the progress of a document, so they can be sure it has been received and read by the recipient.

A quality fax API has the ability to integrate with other existing applications, such as email, CRM, and payment systems. This integration makes it easier for businesses to send and receive information without having to manually enter the details, which saves time and money. Additionally, many fax APIs are highly customizable, so businesses can tailor them to their needs.

HR and Payroll Tools

Human resources and payroll tools are among the top business resources needed to help streamline operations. These tools provide the ability to efficiently manage the complexities of the workforce, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and save time and money. They are important for businesses of all sizes and can help streamline the entire process of managing employees.

HR tools are used to manage employee data, access employee records, track employee performance, as well as keep up with employee benefits and payroll. These tools can also include features such as time tracking, vacation and sick time tracking, and employee self-service. Additionally, payroll tools are designed to streamline the payroll process and make it easier for businesses to manage their payrolls. These tools can include features such as payroll calculation, tax filing, employee salary and wage management, and online timesheet management. They can also help businesses stay compliant with current payroll and tax regulations.

Project Management Tools

Project management tools enable businesses to plan, organize, and manage their work and resources more efficiently. Project management tools can provide visibility into project progress and help teams stay on track. These tools provide a centralized system for tracking tasks, assigning resources, and monitoring deadlines. In addition, project management tools can help teams track the costs associated with a project, as well as help identify bottlenecks and potential risks. Given the importance of efficient workflow in the business world today, project management tools can help speed up and manage many processes.

Project management tools are often used to create project plans and monitor progress. They can help teams identify the key tasks that need to be completed, assign resources to those tasks, and set deadlines. They can also help teams identify the dependencies between tasks and ensure that tasks are completed in the correct order. Project management tools also help teams stay organized by providing a central repository for documents and other project-related information.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media is an essential business resource today, and management tools are critical for streamlining operations and maximizing an online presence. These tools can help businesses to plan and manage their social media campaigns, track customer engagement, measure the success of their campaigns, and provide valuable insights into their customer base. With the right social media management tools, businesses can gain an understanding of their customer’s preferences and interests, develop stronger relationships with them, and create customer loyalty.

Overall, the use of top business tools can be an important factor in streamlining operations and increasing efficiency. Utilizing the right tools can help businesses save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity. With the right tools, businesses can create a better user experience, improve customer service, and create a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

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What is 7/12 Extract in Maharashtra Land Records, and Why is it so Important?





In Maharashtra, the 7/12 extract confirms a real estate is free from financial obligations. However, it is not the only document that substantiates such claims; there are other important papers too. Thus, if you are into property hunting within Maharashtra, you should verify whether the landlord gives you these documents.

In this regard, Bhulekh Maharashtra is a state government initiative helping you retrieve land records easily online. Thus, whether you need to know about property cards, Malmatta Petrak, or even 7/12 extract, you can simply utilise this portal.

What is 7/12 Extract?

It is a document that displays in-detail records of registered land in Maharashtra. Precisely, while referring to this paper, you know who the present owner of the land is, its total size, mutation number, etc. Moreover, this extract is a combined declaration of two separate forms – form 7 and form 12.

Form 7 will inform you about the present landlord along with changes in ownership in the past. Particularly you get to learn about all existing liabilities and rights of the proprietor.

Besides declaring the names of the present occupants and list of all owners and borrowers in the past, form 7 shares sensitive data regarding government lessees.

Form 12 exists to make you aware of all agricultural aspects of a specific land. It tells you if any crop was ever grown on a land, and if yes, what type of cultivation used to sustain there.

How Did the Idea of Generating the 7/12 Extract Originate?

Previously the state government of Maharashtra maintained land revenue records manually. When they later on decided to computerise this whole system, the numbers 7 and 12 came up eventually as village form numbers. Hence, a name originated where form 7 and form 12 individually include a set of information as discussed above.

Why the 7/12 Extract is Important?

The significance of the 7/12 extract is immense if you want to ensure not running into estate-related court disputes. Here are some key reasons that reinstate the importance of this 7/12 extract:

  • It is one of the key documents stating a land’s real-time legal status.
  • This document minutely tracks ancestral information of any plot within Maharashtra.
  • You get to know about past disputes concerning land by referring to this document.
  • This extract gives an overall idea regarding the physical nature of a plot’s soil. Additionally, you can learn about all the past agricultural and non-agricultural activities that have taken place there.
  • Banks demand to see this Saat Baara Utara or 7/12 extract whenever you apply for a loan against property. Similarly, farm credit approval also depends on the territory status reflected in this document.

Particularly in all semi-rural and rural segments this document plays a crucial role in identifying authentic landlords by eliminating the common contradictory factors. Also, fetching them is easy; you can follow the completely online service offered by Bhulekh Maharashtra to achieve this from the comfort of your home.

How to Check a 7/12 Extract and Other Important Land Records Using Bhulekh Maharashtra?

Keeping pace with the increasing digitalisation, the Maharashtra government has launched specialised applications to check land records on a mobile device. You may also apply for a 7/12 extract using the Mahabhulekh app.

Also, if you are logging in to your account using a computer, you can execute these same actions through a web interface. All you need to do is fetch all requisite land records by opening the official website of Bhulekh Mahabhumi. Here, we have listed down each step to check important records online:

Step 1: After entering the official website you will find the option to choose among 6 districts. These are respectively Amravati, Konkan, Nashik, Aurangabad, Pune, and Nagpur. Choose one location where your intended land belongs and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Again, you see two options to choose from – 7/12 and 8A. Assuming you have selected the first option, we will guide you through the following steps.

Step 3: Select the village, taluka, and district.

Step 4: Now, you have to search for the intended document. To do so you can enter any among the survey number, group number, full name, etc.

Step 5: Finally, to complete the registration, provide an active phone number.

Step 6: Select the option “7/12” and proceed to solve the CAPTCHA code.

Step 7: Within seconds you get to see the 7/12 extract of the intended plot.

Moreover, you can also confirm whether the land has any existing legal disputes by raising a query online. To execute this you must visit the official portal of IGR and conduct an e-search.

Bhulekh Maharashtra provides a user-friendly interface to verify information that is included in form 7/12. Knowing them personally proves to be helpful as it improves your chances of getting a home loan approval. Also, you can roughly estimate the tax amount with the help of these land records if you live in a semi-urban location in Maharashtra. Even for attaining farm credit facilities this paperwork is essential.

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Is Gmail an Effective Alternative Option for Work Emails?





For many years, the gold standard of work emails has been Microsoft Outlook. But, with the increasing popularity of Gmail, is it becoming a viable alternative option for business emails? In this blog post, we’ll look at how Gmail compares to Outlook and if it is an effective tool to be used in a professional setting.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of using Gmail as a Microsoft Teams alternative is its cost – or lack thereof. Gmail is free, eliminating any software licensing fees that come with using Outlook. This can be extremely helpful for small businesses which may not have the resources for expensive email programs.

You can also sign up for different platforms using Gmail, and there are other add-ons that are useful that come with your Gmail account, like:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Drive
  • Google Chat 
  • Google Finance 
  • Google Meet

You can use all these resources for free too. Whereas with Microsoft, you have to pay for a subscription to use Excel or OneDrive.


With Outlook, you need to download it onto your computer and keep the program up-to-date to have the best experience possible. With Gmail, you can access your inbox from any computer as long as you remember your login information – all you need to do is log into your account online. This makes it easy to use the platform from any device and from multiple locations. You also don’t have to worry about taking time out to update the software on each device.

Additionally, Gmail is ideal for companies with remote teams because they can set up their personal email addresses themselves. Team members can communicate with each other effectively using their own Gmail accounts. 

Cloud Back-Up 

Another great feature of Gmail is its cloud backup capabilities. The cloud backup allows all emails sent through that email address to be stored on Google’s servers instead of residing directly on the user’s computer or mobile device. Thus making messages easier to access anywhere there’s an internet connection available and much easier to share with multiple people.

Furthermore, cloud technology allows users much more storage space than traditional forms of file saving. It also offers better document version control since changes are tracked between different backups. Users will then know exactly who made changes when working collaboratively in shared folders or documents.

User Experience

Google has designed Gmail to provide users with an intuitive user experience so they can quickly learn how to make full use of its features without needing help from IT support. Gmail allows you to sort your emails into categories, so they’re easier to find. 

What’s more, there is a search feature so you can retrieve emails using keywords no matter how old they are. The bulk actions on the platform are also easy to use. If you’re using the app on your phone, simply long press on a message to either delete or archive it. 

If you’re using Gmail on a laptop or desktop, you can simply click on the box next to the message to perform an action.


If you have clients, partners, or team members that communicate with you regularly, then it’s best to create folders. You can then move your messages into these customizable folders to keep your inbox organized. You can edit the names of the folders or delete an entire folder if you no longer need it. 

Protection Against Malware and Spam

One major concern when sending sensitive information through emails is security threats like malware and phishing scams. Malware or phishing could compromise private data or lead to identity theft.  

Fortunately for Gmail users, Google uses frequently updated filters that screen incoming emails for suspicious content. This security feature helps protect you against most malicious links and messages before they ever reach your inboxes. 

Additionally, most spam messages will get filtered out, making sure only important information gets noticed by recipients. Microsoft also has security features but lacks accessibility, and you have to subscribe to a package to use it.

Improved Productivity Features 

Using apps like Tasks or Google Docs & Spreadsheets in combination with Calendar & Reminders (all integrated into every Gmail inbox) gives users access to a powerful productivity suite. 

These additions are capable of boosting user workflow and efficiency that Outlook may not match. As deadlines become tighter than ever, these apps allow people to keep track of multiple complex tasks while simultaneously keeping collaborators updated. You can preemptively avoid potential miscommunications that could delay projects.

Final Thoughts 

Gmail certainly has its advantages over some other popular work email providers such as Outlook. These advantages include its cost-friendliness, convenience since it’s accessible anywhere, and having no software download requirement (only login credentials). 

Plus, it has extra features like added protection against malware, scams, and spam and improved productivity tools for streamlining digital workspace processes. This makes Gmail a compelling alternative choice for everyday emails, whether you’re an entrepreneur or you have a hybrid working model.

So if you’re wondering if Gmail is a suitable alternative to other types of email services, then use the information in this article to help you make an informed decision.

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How Is Artificial Intelligence Currently Renovating SEO Processes?





Search engine optimisation (SEO) will have to evolve as artificial intelligence (AI) grows more advanced. AI can already evaluate data at a faster rate than humans, so it’s only a matter of time before it takes over SEO methods. The SEO sector is always changing. Google’s algorithms are continually changing, and new technologies are developing all the time. As quickly as AI has changed the world of marketing in general, SEO has followed up in a significant way, as seen through the DWL SEO packages that digital marketing services offer. Not only will keywords, analytics, and targeted ads become more automated, but the possibilities of real-time data aggregation solutions will forever redefine the game. Here are some ways in which the impact of AI on SEO is evident.

Text & Voice Search

Your go-to search engine uses artificial intelligence to give relevant results to your queries. Using powerful AI, machine learning, and deep understanding, search engines analyse queries and then forecast which results will persuade a certain question. As any SEO expert who follows Google algorithm updates knows, search engines do not divulge all of the minutiae of how their AI networks work, but they do provide suggestions.

Impact of Real-Time Data

One of the most significant effects of AI on SEO services will be the speed with which it will accelerate global marketing efforts. AI will not only be able to aggregate and arrange keywords and search terms, but it will also be able to pinpoint how to employ these terms. Consider the ability to do experiments to determine which phrases will work best based on location, service, or even timing. Marketers will be able to utilise these algorithms to create predictive models of how the response will pan out. This implies that altering automated responses and search phrases will happen instantly, allowing you to see which ones have the highest ROI in a matter of seconds.

Keyword Research and Content Optimization

Choosing which questions, terms, or phrases to optimise for is more than enough to win the first part of the battle. Artificial intelligence-powered equipment can help. AI excels at detecting patterns in big data sets containing information on search volume.

Creating new content for search results is one component. However, AI can assist you in improving the position of your current content in search results for queries. This feature is available in all of the tools mentioned above. They will provide suggestions for refining the content so that it ranks higher for certain terms. 

Content Creation and Curation

Curating relevant and entertaining information on a daily basis takes time. Current content marketing tools, on the other hand, are significantly helpful in determining which themes are popular among the general audience. Sifting through content still takes time and effort, let alone curating content that is both relevant to your audience’s interests and interesting. When utilising AI, it will be much easier to determine relevant content and generate content that is original and curated to the tastes of your target audience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving and is making SEO techniques and tools more informative and beneficial for organisations. Artificial intelligence and digital marketing are becoming increasingly interconnected systems at a dizzying pace, strengthening marketers’ and developers’ abilities to accomplish a variety of tasks. If you would like to integrate AI with your SEO efforts, you can explore some of the SEO packages offered by Digital White Labels.

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