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How to: Writing Captions on Instagram Like a Boss in 2022



Instagram is all about the images—or so most people think.

But here comes the plot twist:

If you DON’T have a compelling caption to accompany your fantastic photo, you risk falling flat on your face engagement-wise.

Unfortunately, most businesses focus on the visual aspects of their content, while treating their captions as a mere afterthought. Tragic!

Worst of all, others are unsure of what to write, so they leave the caption blank or loaded with random hashtags. #see #what #we #mean?

The caption is the next thing the user sees after your photo. And it could either encourage them to double-tap or move on. 

Captions are a window into the soul of your brand, allowing your followers to gain a sense of your brand’s personality.

The takeaway? If you’ve not been writing well-curated, actionable captions, you’re missing out.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to write Instagram captions like a boss. We’ll show you everything—from crafting powerful first lines, to writing calls to action, and using tried-and-true engagement tactics as the big brands do.

Grab your pen and let’s get to business.

How to Write Compelling Instagram Captions

Let’s settle this once and for all.

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write good Instagram captions. Plus, there’s no secret formula to writing successful captions. Everything depends on your target audience and your understanding of who they are, their likes and dislikes.

So before you start writing, take some time to ask these questions: 

  • What kind of content resonates with my audience? 
  • What tone should I adopt for my captions?

You determine what style works for your audience by keeping tabs on the content that attracts them the most. This way, you can write engaging captions that resonate with your followers. 

Tip #1: Make Your Captions Align with Your Marketing Goal

What do you hope to achieve with your posts? 

Before you start writing captions, use your Instagram strategy’s main goals as a guide.

For example, if you want to run a public awareness campaign to boost your exposure or brand awareness, you should write captions that align with this goal. Tell a story about your brand or introduce your team members.

You could also be posting to inform your audience about a product launch. Here, you want people to buy. As such, your caption can be promotional. 

Whatever your marketing goal is, you can achieve it using any of these 4 types of captions.

  • Conversion Caption: A caption that’s written with conversion in mind is usually intended to encourage a reader into taking some form of action. This is the kind of caption where you talk about your services or your product benefits
  • Entertaining Captions: These are humorous, widely shared content that can quickly make a brand relatable. This kind of caption is vital for bonding with your audience.
  • Educating Captions: Captions created particularly to educate accomplishes the same aims as those created to entertain. However, educational posts take things further by demonstrating to readers why they should keep following your posts. 

Simply put, entertaining information appeals to a reader’s emotions, educational posts appeal to their reason.

  • Inspiring Captions: Quotes on a picture aren’t the only source of inspiration. In reality, case studies, client testimonials, and success stories are typically the best sources of inspiration. If your captions include any of these, you win.

Tip #2. Hook Your Reader Fast!

Words have power, but where they are placed affects how strong that power is. 

Because Instagram captions are truncated after 125 characters, you just have a line (or two) to entice the reader to click “…more.”

So how do you entice them?

Create a sense of mystery. This will make it difficult for readers to skip the remainder of your caption. 

Here’s an example of your followers’ journey once they see your post:

  • They sight your image or video while scrolling
  • If the image is interesting, they’ll peek at your caption for a second.
  • Then they see the first 125 characters (or less) of your caption.
  • If that piques their interest, they’ll click “more” and continue reading.
  • If the caption is still interesting, they’ll read until the finish.

It doesn’t end there. People are far more likely to do the action you’ve requested in your CTA if they read the entire caption. 

Meanwhile, if you lose them at any point in your caption, they’re off to the next post (hoping it’s not as boring as the last).

Pro Tip: always get right to the point and provide the most important information at the start of your caption. The average person’s attention span is only a few seconds (think 8-seconds.) So, if you want to say something, say it quickly.

Tip #3 Deliver Only Value-Packed Instagram Captions

Think about it. Why would anyone read your captions when they don’t add any value?

Whenever you write captions, always answer these questions: what’s in it for my audience? And why should they care? 

People will pause and make an attempt to engage with your post if you create captions that are relevant, problem-solving or value-adding. Otherwise, you may need to use the Instagram engagement service by MegaFamous to boost your engagement. 

If you post a photo, you should use the caption to provide context. Even if the image isn’t particularly full of awe-inspiring wisdom, give readers a reason to comment or like your post in your caption.

Tip #4. Split Longer Captions to Make Reading Easier

One issue with longer captions is that they appear intimidating, especially for someone scrolling through the gram for fun. 

The solution? Make your paragraphs short and skimmable. By doing this, you make your caption less intimidating and much easier to read. 

Pro tip: you can use symbols, emojis, bullet points and ALL-CAPS, to break up long paragraphs. 

Tip #5. Tell a Story in Your Captions

Storytelling is a powerful business tool if you know how to use it. And your caption is one of the best places to maximize its potential. 

Storytelling is hardwired into the human mind. When we meet up with friends for drinks, we tell stories to entertain one another. 

Because people are so used to it, they’re immediately drawn in when you tell a story. Plus, stories can help users make sense of a brand or product that may appear perplexing at first.

Tip #6. Call Your Reader to Action (CTA)

A simple call-to-action (CTA) can change how people respond to your marketing message. 

Adding CTAs to your Facebook page, for example, can raise your click-through rate by 285 per cent. Instagram is no different.

The takeaway? A powerful CTA increases clicks and conversions, so don’t end your Instagram captions without clearly stating what you want your readers to do next.

Your CTA should be actionable and generate a sense of urgency, which means you should use powerful action verbs to convey your message. Here are a handful of great CTA ideas on Instagram:

  • Tag a friend to enter the giveaway
  • Double-tap to show your support
  • Post an image using this hashtag
  • Give us your feedback and help us improve
  • Click on the link in the bio
  • Follow us to receive more amazing content

Tip #7. Use Hashtags Minimally

Hashtags are a common feature in Instagram posts. They make your material more searchable, while also promoting brand recognition beyond your existing following. 

That said, a long line of hashtags will only set off the “spam” alert to readers and the Instagram algorithm. Ideally, you should stick to 3-5 hashtags per post. 

In general, hashtags are divided into two categories:

  • Community hashtags: These hashtags are broad and non-specific. Examples are #food #fitness, #business #instagram, etc.
  • Branded hashtags: These are hashtags that are exclusive to your company; they could be the name of your company, a product, or the name of a campaign. 

According to Instagram, a mix of both of these hashtag categories is what works best. As a general rule, attempt to come up with four hashtags that are highly targeted. These hashtags can include both branded and community hashtags. 

Also, unless they naturally fit into your caption, you’ll want to include the hashtags towards the end.

A word of caution: while you’re looking for hashtags that your target audience is using, avoid the extremely popular ones. You’re likely to get lost in the crowd if there are too many people using it. 

Also, if you opt to use more hashtags, make sure to leave enough space between the caption and the hashtags.

Tip #8. Use a Location Tag 

The truth is that the location tag isn’t even a part of your caption. It’s just a tag you add to your post to let your followers know where you are. And it’s very crucial for a local business’ SEO

When you use the location tag, your postings will appear alongside other posts and videos that have been tagged with the same location. Naturally, this will expose you to people searching for posts in your area. 

Furthermore, by using the location tag rather than describing the location in your caption, you save space for additional crucial information.

Tip #9. Create a Consistent Caption Style

Over time, you’ll gain a following of people who are interested in seeing your postings and reading your captions.

As such, you’ll want to develop a consistent style that you can apply to all of your Instagram photos. 

The best way to do this is to let your personality shine through in your caption. People will recognize the uniqueness of your personality and come to love your captions for it.

Another tip is to structure the majority of your captions in the same way, and keep them all the same length. 

Consider which hashtags and emojis you’ll use regularly. Will any of these come to represent you? 

How do you plan to emphasize your points in your posts? What about line breaks? All these will add up to create your own unique style.

Tip #10. Practise, Practise, Practise

Writing a great caption is like crafting the perfect headline. In both cases, only a small percentage of the time is your initial draft perfect.

That’s fine, though. It’s a process you don’t want to rush; masterpieces take time to create. You should put as much thought into your caption as you did into your post’s image.

A simple trick is to create many drafts, instead of obsessing on a single caption. Experiment with various CTAs and lead-in lines to see which combo works best. Show them to a coworker and ask which ones they think are the most important. 

Most importantly, always double-check for spelling and grammatical problems

What’s Next for You?

Examine your previous posts and assess them to identify where you should make improvements in the future. Then devise a plan for how you’ll write your Instagram captions in the future so that they connect with your business objectives and drive more engagement.

Try to be as relevant as possible and pay attention to length so that you don’t overwhelm your audience. If you take the time to properly plan out these aspects of your Instagram campaign, you will make way for a much more successful outcome.


Accidental Inventions That Changed the World





For the whole of human history, our inquisitive nature has led us to experiment and invent. We’re not content with living with the status quo; instead, experimentation has helped us to advance society, improve our lives, help us live longer, and spend more of our time doing things we enjoy. 

There are plenty of pivotal world-changing inventions that fit this description. The lightbulb, the internal combustion engine for cars, and the printing press are just three examples. 

Of course, many of these innovations come from inventors who, having identified a need, set about trying to create a solution to meet that requirement. 

Not all come about that way, though. Many more are created entirely accidentally, either as the by-product of a quest to invent something entirely different or just by chance. Some of these accidental inventions have had bigger impacts than the ones that were deliberate, such as these. 

Post-it Notes

Post-it Notes, or the generic “sticky notes” are unmistakable. Typically a fluorescent color like yellow, orange, or pink, they’re used to provide a temporary message, either to the writer or someone else. 

While you may not give them too much thought, Post-it Notes are actually an important part of modern life. Without them, you’d have to fumble around your desk drawer to find some other way to temporarily fix a message to a document, envelope, box, wall, or just about anything else with a flat surface. 

The reason they’re so useful is that they can be attached to just about anything and repeatedly removed and re-stuck without leaving any residue or doing any damage to the surface you attach them to. 

 The scientist who created them did so entirely by accident. In 1968, Dr. Spencer Silver was actually attempting to make something completely opposite to Post-it Notes as he was experimenting with making incredibly strong adhesives. 

 A colleague thought that the glue he did create could be useful to put on bookmarks, so the pair experimented with using it for that. But they soon realised how useful these bookmarks could be for writing notes and the Post-it Note was born. 


Roulette is one of the world’s most popular casino games. It works with a wheel, a ball, and a table, and is controlled by a dealer. 

 The wheel is the main part of the game as it’s how the outcome of the game is determined. It contains 37 or 38 differently-numbered spaces or pockets, with half painted red and half black (plus the green 0/00). When it’s played, the wheel is spun by the dealer who will then also spin a ball in the opposite direction. Whichever pocket the ball comes to rest in is the winner. 

However, this iconic wheel was invented entirely accidentally. It was fabricated by a French mathematician, physicist, and inventor named Blaise Pascal who had been attempting to create a perpetual motion machine.

While he failed in his original intentions, he accidentally created roulette, a game that very quickly spread around Europe and then the world. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies thanks to their fun design and mix of sweet flavors. Today, bakers spend a lifetime refining their skills to cook the perfect batch with the chemistry of different sugar types, the consistency of the butter, and the flour changing the look, size, and texture of the finished cookies. 

But they weren’t invented through complex scientific experimentation. Instead, the first chocolate chip cookies were a complete accident. 

Ruth Graves Wakefield was the owner of the Toll House Inn in Boston, Massachusetts, and was cooking for her guests one day. When she attempted to bake some cookies, she used Nestle’s semi-sweet baking chocolate instead of her usual brand. 

Instead of melting, as she expected, the chocolate retained its shape. Ruth served them anyway and found that her guests loved them. 

Ruth eventually reached out to Nestle who agreed to supply her with all the chocolate she needed in exchange for the company printing the recipe for her cookies on their packaging. 

Eventually, the company just started selling pre-packaged chocolate chips to make it easier for the bakers to use them for cookies, and Ruth’s recipe spread around the world.

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Mobile Gambling: Pros and Cons




Mobile Gambling Pros and Cons

Since the emergence of online gambling, many changes have taken place. One striking example is the creation of mobile casinos. It is now possible to carry your favorite games with you in your pocket and play anywhere. The comfort this brings to players’ lives is immense.

Casino games are a separate type of gambling entertainment. There is a huge selection of them today. The gameplay in each game is different, it differs in themes, chips and symbols.

To play on a mobile device, you need a high-quality smartphone and a stable Internet connection. With mobile access, players can browse the event catalog, explore the markets and create betting coupons. Everyone can easily make deposits and withdrawals, activate promotions, and write to support. Despite the high demand for mobile versions, not all gaming platforms decide to engage in the development of their own app. It is a financial and time-consuming expense. Mobile applications are often developed by platforms that have a license.

Pros of Mobile Gambling

Every year the mobile casino trend is becoming more and more popular, and there are a number of reasons for that. Mobile casinos feature plenty of advantages that make them a favorite place to have fun. Some of which include:

  • quick loading time;
  • a large selection of free games;
  • availability of exclusive bonuses and promotions;
  • excellent communication with the technical support service;
  • the convenience of mobile games.

Now, let’s talk about each advantage in more detail.

Casino pages through a mobile app load quickly – the player does not have to wait a long time to immerse himself in the gambling world. This is due to the fact that cell phones and tablets focus on software optimization.

The wide selection of free slots is very useful for new casino users. With these games it is very easy to gain practice to start playing for real money in the future. There are casino software developers who offer demo versions of paid games. This is a unique opportunity to test the gameplay before making an investment.

Online casino games offer one big advantage that a land-based institution can’t boast – these are bonuses. Such special offers are available to newcomers and regular users. In mobile casinos, these surprises turn out to be more generous than in desktop versions.

Some mobile casinos offer unique offers for players that are not available on desktops. Therefore, mobile platforms are a great way to get a profitable return of personal money when registering on the site.

Mobile casinos have a clear design and simple navigation, so it is easy to contact support. While waiting for a chat agent to respond, you don’t have to be tied to a computer until the problem is resolved. You can walk around with your phone and do your own thing.

Mobile casino games are convenient. You don’t have to set up a home computer or go to a gambling establishment. All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection. Mobile software allows you to play your favorite games while in a queue or while traveling. Playing real money roulette online is a popular way to have fun and make money. Today, many users discover the gambling world with this game.

Mobile gambling is very profitable. Casinos allow their customers to choose a different way to play. Some may send text download instructions. Others send a cell phone program through the website.

The mobile gaming environment is very different from desktop gambling. An additional bonus comes in the form of integration with social networking sites. For example, you can compete against each other in tournaments through the network. The convenience of mobile gaming is unique – it allows users to participate in various professional and social events. The benefits of mobile casinos are also well described on the Wikipedia page.

Disadvantages of Mobile Casino

In addition to the advantages of mobile gambling, there are also many disadvantages. For example, a person may become addicted. Often the negative side is the limited selection of games, potential security issues and limited gameplay graphics.

The main disadvantage of mobile casinos is the high level of danger of becoming addicted. Today, people have problems controlling the time they spend near their smartphone screen. If the gambling has been added to your life, it can be an extreme aspect.

Casino games seduce and entice. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly monitor the period of time that is spent on the gambling process. Thanks to this, you can avoid problems that can reduce the quality of life.

When playing casino games on a cell phone, there is a possibility of a slow Internet connection. This negatively affects the game, creating delays.

Mobile versions of casinos always have fewer games than sites with table games. But software providers are constantly updating games, releasing new ones.

Security issues arise when you are connected to the Internet. If the game takes place not at home, but in transport or a public place, the smartphone connects to the local Wi-Fi. In this case, it is not known who is on the same network and monitors all the traffic. Thus, the risks of accessing personal information by hackers and other fraudsters on the Internet are high.

There are also some visual and gaming restrictions in mobile casinos. Graphics for online gaming are always better on desktop and handheld devices than on mobile. Though downloading the app improves the quality of the game, the mobile program can’t compare to computers.

Some of the disadvantages include the fact that not all popular video slots are adapted to devices with different screens. This applies to the developments on Flash.

If we talk about betting on sports through a mobile program, there are a number of other drawbacks:

  • small display;
  • distraction;
  • limited ease of use;
  • data usage;
  • lack of good mobile versions in some bookmakers’ offices.

Part of the target audience for gambling can become so addicted that they start investing large sums of money. Some people lose their homes and cars, easily fall into the debt trap, and ruin their financial situation. But the national government intervenes to control the growth of such a market in the world.

Other disadvantages are characterized by subjective aspects. Someone likes to play with the mouse and keyboard, others do not like the small interface of the online casino on the phone. In any case, all institutions are ready to provide gamers with different options for a comfortable pastime.

Mobile gambling is a convenient reality, so every year more and more are immersed here.

A few Rules for Playing in a Mobile Casino for Real Money

Before you start investing money in casino games, you need to know a few useful rules:

  1. Find a reliable casino. It is better for beginners to opt for the best mobile casinos.
  2. Complete the registration process. After choosing a reliable platform, it is important to register. You need to use real information.
  3. Choose a payment method. To play It is necessary to choose a payment method to continue.
  4. Confirm your account. To withdraw your winnings, you need to confirm your identity. Therefore, it is better to do it right away.

Then, you need to choose a mobile game and play. The odds and probabilities of winning are well explained in the article in Britannica.

All casino games are divided into types.

Table gamesBaccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, wheel of fortune, poker
Slot machinesPatinko, slots, video poker, video lotteries
Random numbersKeno, bingo

Mobile gaming is a separate option for having a good time. Users can easily sign up for multiple platforms and play anywhere. There is no better way to enjoy the gambling world than to take your smartphone with you wherever you go.

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Future Trends in Game Design to Keep an Eye On





The future of gaming is definitely bright, and with all the trends that are being incorporated with each passing day, there’s no looking back. If you are into games as well, it is crucial that you stay updated about the latest trends because it will help you tweak your real-time strategy and action skills so that you can better deal with the evolving characteristics. Whether you are more into table games online or racing games, game design is ever-evolving in almost all genres.

8 Trends in the Gaming World You Should Know About

Without wasting any more time, let’s have a quick look at the top 8 game design trends you need to be aware of this year and in the coming years.

Triple-A Gaming

A triple-A rating is the highest that can be given to any game, and here are some examples to give you an idea – Far Cry 5, Witcher 3, and the best games of 2022 – you name it, and you have it. Every organization prefers Triple-A games because they help generate a huge amount of revenue, and they also synchronize the latest requirements, one of which is photorealistic graphics.

Extended Reality (XR)

The next trend that you have to look out for is extended reality, or XR, making gamers feel like they have stepped into some imaginary world. Extended reality glasses have now been the talk of the town, especially in relation to the Metaverse and how it can completely revamp the gaming experience. Here, you get to feel a blend of AR or augmented reality and VR or virtual reality bringing the best of both worlds together in one.

Mobile Games Will be on the Rise

More and more mobile games will be developed as the world continues to show its knack for them. In fact, in 2021 alone, the mobile gaming market attracted 1.5 billion people from across the world. You will find bigger companies investing in this lucrative market and then developing more advanced games.

Expansion of Cloud Gaming

Gaming as a Service, popularly known as GaaS or cloud gaming, is anticipated to reach its full potential. Developers are definitely going to get some handsome paychecks the moment their users are able to access remote servers instead of personal computers ruling out the need for any hardware support.

5G Network in eSports

Compared to all the previous generation networks, 5G are definitely better as they have a high speed and low latency. So, users will now no longer have to wait for hours simply to enter a prize-based game, more commonly seen in eSports. The limitless possibilities that 5G offers will help in the optimal performance of several games that depend on real-time data.

Live Streaming Games

Gaming content that is being live-streamed is increasingly attracting a wider range of audiences. Gamers often hold Q&A sessions while playing the games explaining tactics and strategies, thus growing the audience’s interest in the game.

Games Recognized as Art

A very prominent future of the gaming industry is that the games are soon to be recognized as an art form. In fact, developers can treat these games as a form of telling stories as more people accept video games. Thus, it is predicted that soon, video games will have the power to unite the people of the world through their common love for a game.

Voice Recognition

One of the latest in-game developments that is taking place but that is not fully developed, is voice recognition. There’s still a lot that remains to be explored here, especially as the microcontrollers become more advanced with each day. But once it is more nuanced, it will definitely enhance the user interface and even improve social media interactions.


All the latest developments that have already happened in the world of gaming have made people expect more things. There’s no doubt that with all these changes to game design, gaming is going to become more immersive and also realistic. However, staying abreast of all the changes happening in this industry is essential if you want the best experience.

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