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How to: Writing Captions on Instagram Like a Boss in 2022



Instagram is all about the images—or so most people think.

But here comes the plot twist:

If you DON’T have a compelling caption to accompany your fantastic photo, you risk falling flat on your face engagement-wise.

Unfortunately, most businesses focus on the visual aspects of their content, while treating their captions as a mere afterthought. Tragic!

Worst of all, others are unsure of what to write, so they leave the caption blank or loaded with random hashtags. #see #what #we #mean?

The caption is the next thing the user sees after your photo. And it could either encourage them to double-tap or move on. 

Captions are a window into the soul of your brand, allowing your followers to gain a sense of your brand’s personality.

The takeaway? If you’ve not been writing well-curated, actionable captions, you’re missing out.

Experienced Cheappaperwriting writers, who provide affordable paper writing services of any content, have prepared an expert article on the correct way to write an Instagram caption. In this post, we’ll teach you how to write Instagram captions like a boss. We’ll show you everything—from crafting powerful first lines, to writing calls to action, and using tried-and-true engagement tactics as the big brands do.

Grab your pen and let’s get to business.

How to Write Compelling Instagram Captions

Let’s settle this once and for all.

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write good Instagram captions. Plus, there’s no secret formula to writing successful captions. Everything depends on your target audience and your understanding of who they are, their likes and dislikes.

So before you start writing, take some time to ask these questions: 

  • What kind of content resonates with my audience? 
  • What tone should I adopt for my captions?

You determine what style works for your audience by keeping tabs on the content that attracts them the most. This way, you can write engaging captions that resonate with your followers. 

Tip #1: Make Your Captions Align with Your Marketing Goal

What do you hope to achieve with your posts? 

Before you start writing captions, use your Instagram strategy’s main goals as a guide.

For example, if you want to run a public awareness campaign to boost your exposure or brand awareness, you should write captions that align with this goal. Tell a story about your brand or introduce your team members.

You could also be posting to inform your audience about a product launch. Here, you want people to buy. As such, your caption can be promotional. 

Whatever your marketing goal is, you can achieve it using any of these 4 types of captions.

  • Conversion Caption: A caption that’s written with conversion in mind is usually intended to encourage a reader into taking some form of action. This is the kind of caption where you talk about your services or your product benefits
  • Entertaining Captions: These are humorous, widely shared content that can quickly make a brand relatable. This kind of caption is vital for bonding with your audience.
  • Educating Captions: Captions created particularly to educate accomplishes the same aims as those created to entertain. However, educational posts take things further by demonstrating to readers why they should keep following your posts. 

Simply put, entertaining information appeals to a reader’s emotions, educational posts appeal to their reason.

  • Inspiring Captions: Quotes on a picture aren’t the only source of inspiration. In reality, case studies, client testimonials, and success stories are typically the best sources of inspiration. If your captions include any of these, you win.

Tip #2. Hook Your Reader Fast!

Words have power, but where they are placed affects how strong that power is. 

Because Instagram captions are truncated after 125 characters, you just have a line (or two) to entice the reader to click “…more.”

So how do you entice them?

Create a sense of mystery. This will make it difficult for readers to skip the remainder of your caption. 

Here’s an example of your followers’ journey once they see your post:

  • They sight your image or video while scrolling
  • If the image is interesting, they’ll peek at your caption for a second.
  • Then they see the first 125 characters (or less) of your caption.
  • If that piques their interest, they’ll click “more” and continue reading.
  • If the caption is still interesting, they’ll read until the finish.

It doesn’t end there. People are far more likely to do the action you’ve requested in your CTA if they read the entire caption. 

Meanwhile, if you lose them at any point in your caption, they’re off to the next post (hoping it’s not as boring as the last).

Pro Tip: always get right to the point and provide the most important information at the start of your caption. The average person’s attention span is only a few seconds (think 8-seconds.) So, if you want to say something, say it quickly.

Tip #3 Deliver Only Value-Packed Instagram Captions

Think about it. Why would anyone read your captions when they don’t add any value?

Whenever you write captions, always answer these questions: what’s in it for my audience? And why should they care? 

People will pause and make an attempt to engage with your post if you create captions that are relevant, problem-solving or value-adding. Otherwise, you may need to use the Instagram engagement service by MegaFamous to boost your engagement. 

If you post a photo, you should use the caption to provide context. Even if the image isn’t particularly full of awe-inspiring wisdom, give readers a reason to comment or like your post in your caption.

Tip #4. Split Longer Captions to Make Reading Easier

One issue with longer captions is that they appear intimidating, especially for someone scrolling through the gram for fun. 

The solution? Make your paragraphs short and skimmable. By doing this, you make your caption less intimidating and much easier to read. 

Pro tip: you can use symbols, emojis, bullet points and ALL-CAPS, to break up long paragraphs. 

Tip #5. Tell a Story in Your Captions

Storytelling is a powerful business tool if you know how to use it. And your caption is one of the best places to maximize its potential. 

Storytelling is hardwired into the human mind. When we meet up with friends for drinks, we tell stories to entertain one another. 

Because people are so used to it, they’re immediately drawn in when you tell a story. Plus, stories can help users make sense of a brand or product that may appear perplexing at first.

Tip #6. Call Your Reader to Action (CTA)

A simple call-to-action (CTA) can change how people respond to your marketing message. 

Adding CTAs to your Facebook page, for example, can raise your click-through rate by 285 per cent. Instagram is no different.

The takeaway? A powerful CTA increases clicks and conversions, so don’t end your Instagram captions without clearly stating what you want your readers to do next.

Your CTA should be actionable and generate a sense of urgency, which means you should use powerful action verbs to convey your message. Here are a handful of great CTA ideas on Instagram:

  • Tag a friend to enter the giveaway
  • Double-tap to show your support
  • Post an image using this hashtag
  • Give us your feedback and help us improve
  • Click on the link in the bio
  • Follow us to receive more amazing content

Tip #7. Use Hashtags Minimally

Hashtags are a common feature in Instagram posts. They make your material more searchable, while also promoting brand recognition beyond your existing following. 

That said, a long line of hashtags will only set off the “spam” alert to readers and the Instagram algorithm. Ideally, you should stick to 3-5 hashtags per post. 

In general, hashtags are divided into two categories:

  • Community hashtags: These hashtags are broad and non-specific. Examples are #food #fitness, #business #instagram, etc.
  • Branded hashtags: These are hashtags that are exclusive to your company; they could be the name of your company, a product, or the name of a campaign. 

According to Instagram, a mix of both of these hashtag categories is what works best. As a general rule, attempt to come up with four hashtags that are highly targeted. These hashtags can include both branded and community hashtags. 

Also, unless they naturally fit into your caption, you’ll want to include the hashtags towards the end.

A word of caution: while you’re looking for hashtags that your target audience is using, avoid the extremely popular ones. You’re likely to get lost in the crowd if there are too many people using it. 

Also, if you opt to use more hashtags, make sure to leave enough space between the caption and the hashtags.

Tip #8. Use a Location Tag 

The truth is that the location tag isn’t even a part of your caption. It’s just a tag you add to your post to let your followers know where you are. And it’s very crucial for a local business’ SEO

When you use the location tag, your postings will appear alongside other posts and videos that have been tagged with the same location. Naturally, this will expose you to people searching for posts in your area. 

Furthermore, by using the location tag rather than describing the location in your caption, you save space for additional crucial information.

Tip #9. Create a Consistent Caption Style

Over time, you’ll gain a following of people who are interested in seeing your postings and reading your captions.

As such, you’ll want to develop a consistent style that you can apply to all of your Instagram photos. 

The best way to do this is to let your personality shine through in your caption. People will recognize the uniqueness of your personality and come to love your captions for it.

Another tip is to structure the majority of your captions in the same way, and keep them all the same length. 

Consider which hashtags and emojis you’ll use regularly. Will any of these come to represent you? 

How do you plan to emphasize your points in your posts? What about line breaks? All these will add up to create your own unique style.

Tip #10. Practise, Practise, Practise

Writing a great caption is like crafting the perfect headline. In both cases, only a small percentage of the time is your initial draft perfect.

That’s fine, though. It’s a process you don’t want to rush; masterpieces take time to create. You should put as much thought into your caption as you did into your post’s image.

A simple trick is to create many drafts, instead of obsessing on a single caption. Experiment with various CTAs and lead-in lines to see which combo works best. Show them to a coworker and ask which ones they think are the most important. 

Most importantly, always double-check for spelling and grammatical problems

What’s Next for You?

Examine your previous posts and assess them to identify where you should make improvements in the future. Then devise a plan for how you’ll write your Instagram captions in the future so that they connect with your business objectives and drive more engagement.

Try to be as relevant as possible and pay attention to length so that you don’t overwhelm your audience. If you take the time to properly plan out these aspects of your Instagram campaign, you will make way for a much more successful outcome.


Online Casino Streaming: A New Trend in Streaming





Over the last decade, the landscape of online streaming has expanded beyond streaming popular media and video games.

Now, online casino streaming is all the rage as it continues to capture the attention of both players and viewers around the world.

This trend is only expected to keep on rising as it offers a unique blend of excitement and strategy to the players without them ever leaving the house.

Let’s take a look at what makes online casino streaming so compelling.

What’s making online casinos a hit?

Well, first of all, it’s the entertainment factor. Online casino streaming offers players and viewers an interactive and engaging experience, which is similar to watching live sports or other gaming tournaments.

Streamers broadcast their gambling sessions in real-time, allowing viewers to get the complete emotional experience of the highs and lows of each spin or hand.

Streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube have become hubs for content creators to showcase their sessions to hundreds and thousands of people. Viewers can interact with the streamers through chat, providing a sense of engagement that’s not possible without streaming.

As a bonus, viewers learn about different successful gambling tips and tricks from their favorite streamers.

What does the future have in store for online casino streaming?

Without a doubt, the future looks bright for online casino streaming. As online gambling continues to gain traction globally, online casino streaming will likely rise alongside it.

Streamers may explore innovative formats on different platforms and collaborate with others to attract a broader audience. Speaking of attracting a broader audience, Gclub casino has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. Check it out for yourself if you want to play online casino games.

Since gambling is already present inside of videogames in the form of microtransactions and loot boxes, we’re expecting these themes to become even more popular in the near future.

Also, AR/VR technology advancements may revolutionize the online casino streaming experience by bringing forth highly immersive gameplay experiences and social interactions.

Possible regulatory issues

Online gambling regulations vary by region and country, posing legal challenges for different streamers and platforms operating in different jurisdictions.

Some critics argue that young and vulnerable people often end up losing money due to excessive glamorization of the hobby and irresponsible promotion of the games.

To ensure continuous growth in online casino streaming, different platforms, streamers, and regulatory authorities must find common ground and lay out frameworks to balance risk and reward.

As important as it is to scrutinize streaming platforms and streamers, the regulatory bodies also must bear in mind the evolving tastes of public media consumption. Only then can we have a harmonious environment for growth.

Final words

Online casino streaming is so popular because it represents a dynamic intersection of gaming, entertainment, and gambling– the golden trifecta.

While it’s very easy to speculate the smooth sailing of this trend going into the future, we must also be careful in evaluating the potential disadvantages of engaging in this hobby.

We must also keep an eye out on our friends and family and encourage healthy gambling practices.

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How to Choose the Best Online Scratch Game Provider





Discovering the perfect online scratch game provider can be an exciting yet daunting task for people, no matter what experience level they have.

Given the meteoric rise in popularity, the gaming market is currently overflowing with a plethora of choices, leaving one faced with the daunting task of finding the perfect match for their gaming inclinations.

Online Scratch Games: Essential Elements to Keep in Mind

Before diving into the world of online scratch games, it’s important to understand exactly what they are. These games are digital versions of the beloved scratch cards we all know and love.

Some notable characteristics of online scratch games include:

  • Effortless Triumph: These games offer players the opportunity to effortlessly and swiftly claim prizes.
  • Diverse Selection: Game providers present a diverse range of themes for virtual scratch cards, including classic designs, sports-inspired options, fantastical realms, and popular movies.
  • Intuitive Design: The user-friendly interface of online scratch games caters to all levels of players, ensuring accessibility and enjoyment.
  • Stunning Visuals: Providers utilize top-tier graphics to create an immersive and visually stunning gaming experience.
  • Bonus Features: As an added bonus, many online scratch games include extra features to enhance the overall gameplay and keep players engaged.

The online scratch game market boasts big players like Playtech, Games Global, and Hacksaw Gaming. These top contenders are known for their expansive selection of games, state-of-the-art features, and unwavering focus on player satisfaction, constantly pushing the boundaries of the industry.

Online scratch games offer an invigorating blend of simplicity and excitement, inviting players to revel in a thrilling and entertaining winning experience.

Your Guide for Choosing the Best Provider

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect provider for your online scratch game needs, there are a few key factors to consider that can greatly impact your gaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at some important elements to keep in mind as you search for the best online scratch game supplier.

Reputation and Reliability

First and foremost, it’s important to choose a provider that is reputable and reliable. Look for companies with a solid track record of offering high-quality games and exceptional customer support. Don’t forget to check out reviews from other players to get a sense of the trustworthiness of potential providers.

Game Variety and Themes

When searching for an online scratch game provider, game variety and themes play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience. Selecting a provider that offers a diverse range of games, including both classic and innovative variations, with engaging themes is key.

Whether you’re drawn to mythical realms, competitive sports, or cinematic escapades, it’s important to choose a provider that caters to your interests. This not only guarantees an enjoyable gaming experience but also ensures a higher level of engagement.

Software and Graphics Quality

Experts stress the significant impact that software and graphics have on one’s gaming enjoyment. Thus, it is essential to carefully consider a provider that offers up-to-date software to ensure smooth performance and visually stunning gameplay.

Furthermore, opting for a user-friendly game interface can further elevate your gaming experience by eliminating any unnecessary complications.

Payment Options and Security

It is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the available payment options and security measures before choosing an online provider for scratch games. It is advisable to opt for a provider that provides safe and secure payment methods such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Moreover, it is imperative to ensure that the provider employs advanced encryption technology to safeguard your sensitive personal and financial data.

Mobile Compatibility

When it comes to selecting an online scratch game provider, one must prioritize those that offer mobile compatibility in our modern era. Seek out providers with either mobile-friendly websites or specialized mobile apps.

This grants you the opportunity to indulge in your preferred scratch games from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and convenience. Don’t miss out on the ability to play at any time and any place.

Customer Support

When selecting an online scratch game provider, keep in mind the level of customer support they offer. Choose providers who offer swift and dependable assistance through various means, including live chat, social media, email, and phone.

Timely and effective customer support is vital in addressing any concerns or questions that may arise during gameplay.


To ensure you choose the best online scratch game provider, there are several key factors to consider: their reputation, game selection, software quality, bonuses, security measures, mobile compatibility, and customer support.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently select a provider that meets your specific needs and enjoy a fulfilling and captivating online scratch gaming experience.

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Desura’s Innovative Leap: Spearheading the Two-Player Online Gaming Movement





Desura, once a prominent figure in the digital gaming market, is charting a new course with a strategic emphasis on two-player online games. This shift reflects Desura’s agility and foresight in recognizing and capitalizing on emerging trends in the gaming industry, positioning itself as a pioneer in a specialized yet increasingly popular gaming segment.

Originating as a champion for independent game developers, Desura provided a unique platform that went beyond game sales. It was a community-focused space where indie developers could connect with an audience passionate about unique and creative gaming experiences. This approach solidified Desura’s reputation as a cultivator of indie gaming culture and a promoter of community-driven gaming experiences.

Despite initial success, Desura’s path was marked by challenges, including a series of ownership transitions from DesuraNET to Linden Lab, and later to Bad Juju Games. The most significant setback occurred with the bankruptcy of Bad Juju Games in 2015, leading to operational difficulties and a weakened trust among its community.

The acquisition of Desura by the Finnish company Behemouse in 2020 marked a critical turning point. This change in ownership brought a strategic shift in focus, steering Desura towards the niche of 2-player games. This move was a strategic realignment to stay abreast of evolving trends in the gaming industry, particularly the rising interest in shared, interactive gaming experiences.

Desura is now set to make a significant impact in the two-player online gaming sphere. This segment, often overlooked in favor of single-player or large multiplayer games, offers a unique blend of intimacy, strategy, and collaborative play. Desura aims to lead this market segment by providing a platform that is not just a collection of games but a comprehensive two-player gaming experience.

To actualize this vision, Desura has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund enhancements to their platform, focusing on improving the user experience, diversifying the game portfolio, and building community-driven features. This campaign is indicative of Desura’s larger ambition to evolve into a platform that offers not just games, but memorable and engaging experiences for two players.

Looking ahead, Desura faces the challenge of rebranding itself, attracting a new user base, and distinguishing its offerings in a competitive market. By concentrating on two-player online games, Desura is addressing a unique and growing need in the gaming community, offering an innovative and engaging approach to cooperative play.

In summary, Desura’s shift towards specializing in two-player online gaming is a testament to its innovative and adaptive strategy. This move highlights Desura’s commitment to staying ahead of gaming trends and its understanding of the evolving preferences of gamers.

As Desura advances in this direction, it is poised to inject fresh energy and creativity into the online gaming landscape, especially for those who enjoy the dynamic of gaming in pairs.

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