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10 Strong Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life



examples of artificial intelligence

The word artificial intelligence can be a little daunting for some, different people perceive it differently. People take it as a sci-fi concept, thinking of robots and big machines. The reality is quite different from it.

Artificial intelligence refers to a machine, device, or program that is coded and programmed on the principle of human intelligence.

One interesting thing is that artificial intelligence has no defined benchmark or limit, it is continuously evolving and developing, just like humans.

One example of Artificial intelligence that comes to the top of mind is the smartphone. Smartphones and other similar handheld devices that are used every day by billions of people are integrated with complex AI features.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a complex computer science concept that works along the lines of mimicking human intelligence into machines. They develop, program, and code machines to think works and portray human intelligence traits.

AI machines are programmed using human logic of problem-solving and thinking. We come in contact with AI machines and devices in our everyday life without knowing. GPRS navigation, voice-recognition in smartphones, and registering hand gestures in smartphones are typical examples of AI.

Statistics of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in our lives, making complex tasks simpler and easier. The latest artificial intelligence applications have revolutionized every domain of our lives.

According to a study conducted in 2019, almost 37% of the business sector has adapted artificial intelligence to complete its business operations. This transition has resulted in 40% more productivity for the businesses.

Internet and smartphones are one of the main connecting links between businesses and consumers. Around 47% of established companies have adapted to principles of artificial intelligence in the form of mobile applications, push notifications, and internet marketing.

Another research shows quite positive prospects of implying artificial intelligence into business, production, sales, and customer services. A study conducted in 2019 shows that business owners can save as much as 44% of their capital by implementing AI into their various sectors.

10 Strong Examples of Artificial Intelligence 2021

1. Smart cars

Driving a car that operates on its own, stops at signals, maneuver difficult roads, and turns on its own can be a dream in the past, but it is a reality in the future. One of the leading pioneers of Artificial intelligence research and development, Tesla has made it very much possible.

According to research, there are almost 500,000 Tesla automatic cars on the roads of the US, and this figure is said to be double in the coming year. These cars work on AI, making it possible to be completely automatic and function based on machine learning.

These cars are programmed to adjust speed, stop at lights, and detect any passerby or obstacle in the way on their own.

2. Face recognition

Facial recognition and detection is an AI example that we use every day without realizing it. This technology works just like humans recognize the face and voice of other people.

This machine learning process lets the AI learn the facial coordinates of a human face and save it in their program for detection. Government and security sectors use this technology for restricted areas to deter unwanted personal from entering the premises.

Airports, large business organizations, and high-security buildings use facial recognition for security purposes every day.

3. Digital assistant

Every day we are getting one step closer to science and technology. We are advancing in ways that were considered to be a far-fetched concept in the future. You must be familiar we the names Siri and Alexa. Both are the finest examples of digital assistants that started entering into every house and office.

Siri is a friendly voice that helps you navigate every day from your iPhone. She understands our commands, questions, and directions and does the tasks of its own.

Alexa, launched by Amazon has proved itself to mimic a helpful person in your house. She can make appointments, calls, set alarms, and do internet searches just by following your commands.

4. Netflix

Netflix is an entertainment streaming site that implies artificial intelligence into providing better services to its customers. The machine learning concept lets it remember statistics from your experience and predict future movies and videos or your choice, wonderful.

The AI algorithm becomes a part of big data analytics of the area and predicts what kind of movies or shows are popular in what region.

This entertainment website is successfully running using artificial intelligence to provide a better user experience and content for its customers.


EMOTECH has launched an artificial intelligence assistant named Olly, which is more advanced and developed than Siri and Alexa.

It is integrated with deep learning and natural language processing features that let it learn and adapt its owner’s features. It is programmed to have a naturally evolving personality that eventually reflects the personality of its owner.

This technology is said to be quite helpful for people living alone due to old-age or any other reason. They mimic the reactions of a friend or companion to make the other person feel less alone.


PATHAI is a strong example of artificial intelligence that helps pathologists comply with the test reports more conveniently. It is integrated with algorithms that imply machine learning for better and faster results of the pathology.

This AI technology can help save hundreds of lives by correctly diagnosing and determining the underlying ailments. The medical and healthcare sectors have started implying various AI applications for better and faster results resulting in positive outcomes.

The interference of AI in the healthcare department has proven to be fruitful for the patients and time saving for the pathologists.

7. Drones

You must have heard the word drone, but AI-based drones are one step advanced from your typical drones. These aerial devices are used for many different reasons, security purposes, surveillance, and delivery.

Artificial intelligence integration lets the drone collects virtual data such as environment, positioning, and navigation for a better flight experience and safer landing.

The use of drones has proved to be very beneficial in the military and surveillance sector but it has also started to benefit the average consumer.

Walmart and Amazon have started drone deliveries to their customers resulting in better and faster delivery without human contact.

8. Gaming industry

The gaming industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry in recent years. Gaming integrates artificial intelligence in ways beyond imagination. A whole virtual world can be created using complex AI algorithms and the data of the user.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are based on modern gaming, which transports the gamer into a different world altogether. The gamer can interact with other gamers as if they are present in a virtual world together while being in another country.

Elon Musk has launched a virtual gamer named OpenAI that beats professional level gamers in their games. This advancement is very astonishing as it entirely works on the data analytics of other players.

9. Banking

The banking sector relies heavily on artificial intelligence in their domains. From customer service, automated generated emails and marketing advertisements, everything is done by AI.

They use data analytics of AI to predict future investments, fraud cases, and loan grants. The banking and financial sector are pillars of any economy and responsible for maintaining the flow of cash. An application named ‘Betterment’ provides financial advisory assistance based on machine learning and data analysis.

Another AI search engine combines data from 35,000 different financial institutions and compiles the result in a concise format for analysis.

10. GPRS/Navigation

GPRS/navigation is a necessity nowadays. It not only helps to reach far-fetched places and areas but also assists in the way. Its artificial intelligence predicts the estimated time of reaching a destination by analyzing traffic situations in real-time.

GPRS also gathers data from thousands of other cars and predict the best route given for every car. Google maps are one of the classic examples of a navigation app that is used by thousands of people every day.

It also recognizes and understands the voice commands of the person who uses it to navigate.

This fine example of artificial intelligence is widely used by other sectors, including security, Intel, police, and the military.

Final Takeaway

Artificial intelligence was perceived to mimic human actions and logic, but it has not stopped there. Today AI surpasses human understanding and logic by far and proves to be a time-saver for everyone. Machines integrated with AI are much more efficient and accurate.

They perform the task in minutes that can take days if committed by a human. Artificial intelligence has made an incredible mark on our lives and constantly continue to do so. It does not only provides us entertainment; it also makes our mundane day-to-day tasks easier and faster. The future is quite bright and expected to be more evolved in terms of artificial intelligence inventions.


Streamlining User Acceptance Testing with the Best Automation Tools Available





User acceptance testing is a crucial phase in the development cycle that comes last. Testing is done to ensure that the software will meet the requirements of the end users. No business will want to release low-quality software products to the consumer, and testing ensures the software’s quality, functionality, and usability.

The manual process has been used for testing over the years, but it was time-consuming and prone to human errors. UAT automation tools come to solve this problem, and you can perform tests faster, more accurately, and with greater consistency. It doesn’t take much time like manual testing does and reduces the efforts and risk of human error. With automated testing, you can expect an improvement in overall quality.

What Is UAT and its Automation?

UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is a type of testing that is performed in the end by the client or end-user to verify the software quality, and it is done in the final phase of development. UAT becomes crucial to validate end-to-end business flow and works without focusing on system testing, cosmetic errors, and spelling mistakes. UAT testing becomes crucial after developing the product as developers have written the code for the software on their understanding and might require changes later. If a developer writes code that is not effectively communicated, the client will not accept the product. Testing helps to deal with it.

UAT automation means you don’t have to run the test as it runs automatically in a UAT automation tool. After performing the testing with the tool, you will get to know the actual performance of the software compared to your expectation. It will give you an answer of yes or no. The benefit of using a UAT automation tool is that it can mimic the task without any error.

Manual Vs. Automated Testing

Manual testing is the traditional way of testing, and automation is the recent testing practice using UAT automation tools. There are not any either-or options between them as both have their strengths.

In Automation testing, tests run quickly and repeatedly. Humans can’t do repetitive tasks as it leads to boredom or fatigue, and unavailability is another concern. You can use automation tools based on your comfort as it provides high availability and performs the task with accuracy. The automation tools allow you to perform stress, binary-based and script-based testing.

In manual testing, the tester gave the output beyond yes or no. For example, complex and subjective test scripts require an actual tester that requires more than a yes or no result. A tester provides the actual response to an issue and identifies the defects, problems, and solutions. On the other hand, automation testing results in yes or no. Numerous ways of testing can be done manually such as evaluations of fonts, reports, menu types, workflow logic, etc. Manual testers can identify how software can be used.

Automated and manual testing have the strength that can be used by users based on their requirements. When both mixes, it creates a bigger impact. Both tests complement each other as a simple and repetitive test can be performed automatically while a complex and specific test can run manually.

Top Automation Tools

Here is the list of a few UAT automation tools available for automation testing.


It is a code-based tool that is free to use and widely used for automating web browsers. It supports multiple programming languages like Java, Ruby, Python, and C# and provides a rich set of APIs for testing web applications.

Test Complete

It is also a code-based tool that automates web, mobile, and desktop applications. It also supports multiple languages like selenium and provides a user-friendly interface for creating and executing tests. TestComplete is well-suited for automating UAT, especially for complex applications that require extensive testing.


Another open-source automation tool that supports multiple programming languages and automates mobile, web, and hybrid applications. Appium is a popular choice for automating mobile applications.


A commercial tool that automates desktop, web, and mobile applications. It provides a user-friendly interface for creating and executing tests and supports multiple programming languages, including C#, Java, and Python. Ranorex is well-suited for automating UAT, especially for applications with complex user interfaces.


Another open-source tool that is used for automation and supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD). It provides a clear and concise way to define test scenarios in plain language, making it easier for end-users to understand and validate the software’s functionality. Cucumber is a popular choice for automating UAT in agile development environments.


HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing) and LeanFT are commercial tools that are used for automation. They provide a comprehensive set of APIs for automating UAT and support multiple programming languages. It is well-suited for automating UAT in large organizations with complex testing requirements.


Opkey is a no-code UAT test automation platform that allows business users to seamlessly participate in testing.


UAT testing is a crucial aspect of the development cycle, and the testing process comes last. It ensures the quality of software that will meet the requirements of the end user. There are two types of testing – manual, and automation. Manual testing is the traditional way of testing, and automation testing is a recent way of testing that is quick, reliable, and repetitive. UAT automation tools help you to automate the testing process, and Opkey is one of the great tools for automation.

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What is Metaverse? Everything You Need to Know!





As Facebook has changed its name to “Meta”, you may have heard a lot about Metaverse.

There is a discussion that Metaverse is the future of technology as a lot of tech giants are investing in it.

Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, and Nvidia are investing billions of dollars in the metaverse.

But, what is it? How to get access to Metaverse?

You must have these questions in your mind so let’s discuss them in detail.

What is Metaverse?

Suppose that there is a virtual land where different people or their avatars are moving, interacting with each other, selling or buying new things, and playing or learning new concepts, all from the comfort of their physical homes.

This virtual world is Metaverse. In it, our computer screens will turn into a 3D virtual realm that will be like real life.

At this moment, the metaverse is still in its growing stage, and evolving this technology may take time.

Today, you can see a glimpse of Metaverse in form of virtual workspaces such as Meta’s Horizon Workrooms, online video games like Fortnite, or virtual operating rooms.

These only resemble the idea of Metaverse as they have limited facilities while the concept of Metaverse is one virtual world that has every facility and technology in it.

This is a brief introduction to Metaverse. But, what is its history?

Let’s see it.

History of Metaverse

The term “Metaverse” was first used in 1992 by author Neal Stephenson in his novel “Snow Crash“. This fact shows that this concept is not new, and in past, people have tried to work on this concept.

Sainsbury, the UK grocery chain, introduced a VR shopping demo in the 90s.

Second Life, a popular game launched in 2003, depicted the concept of Metaverse. This game is most near to the real concept of the metaverse that futurists have thought about.

Some technologies which gave access to this virtual world are augmented reality (AR) glasses and virtual reality (VR) headsets. These technologies are slowly evolving now.

This is the brief history that told us that the metaverse concept is an old one, and to some extent, it is present in today’s world. But, how to get access to it?

How to Get Access to Metaverse?

As we have discussed, there is no single portal at this moment. Various platforms are offering Metaverse technology which you can access.

Fortnite, Roblox, Horizons World, and Sandbox are giving a variety of virtual life experiences such as gaming, shopping, or virtual workspace.

You can access these platforms through a Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

But, a lot of experts are claiming that you can access Metaverse through smartphones too. This is vague information and people are still unsure how to access Metaverse through this method.

How to Buy Land in Metaverse?

Just like you have to buy a product or land in the physical world, the same you have to do it in the virtual world.

This land can be used to give services, host events, publish educational activities and create mini-games in the virtual world.

A lot of celebrities and businesses such as Snoop Dog, JP Morgan, and Samsung have virtual lands in metaverse platforms. The businesses are using this land to interact with staff and give access to services to their clients.

But, how to buy land in Metaverse?

There are four steps to buying it.

1. Have a Digital Wallet

You should have a digital currency to buy virtual land and to hold that currency, you need a digital wallet.

There are various digital wallets in the market such as MetaMask and Binance Chain Wallet. Make sure that you choose a wallet that supports the digital currency you need.

The metaverse platform will tell you which wallet should you have and how to link it with the platform.

2. Buy Cryptocurrency

You need to buy cryptocurrency to have a virtual land. The cryptocurrencies are $MANA, $ETH, and $SAND.

3. Select a Metaverse Platform

You have to select the metaverse platform from where you want to buy the land. Some popular platforms such as Sandbox and Decentraland sell virtual lands. You can also buy land from third-party sellers such as OpenSea.

4. Purchase it

After completing all the above steps, you just have to click buy. Once your transaction will be confirmed, you can see your NFT in your digital wallet and will become the owner of the land.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we can say that the metaverse is a future technology, and you can feel or understand it through different metaverse platforms present at this moment.

In this article, we have discussed some essential questions which people may have in their minds about the metaverse. It contains some basic and essential information about this new technology which is going to change the face of technology in the future.

Can’t wait to see its further growth and experience the power of technology!

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Top Automated Technologies to Improve Life





Do you want to modernize your dwelling and bring it into the twenty-first century in a way that improves your quality of life and increases the energy efficiency of your home? You may want to consider installing a smart home. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your family members and has all your utilities in one place that’s easy to keep track of. But there is another option for movies in home automation application – the purchase of individual automation components, products, or systems.

This second option involves versatile smart desks, motorized windows, TV lifts, and, of course, adjustable bed frames to make your sleep healthier. All of these products can be easily adjusted to your home environment and let you enjoy more free time and absolute comfort. No one likes cluttered surfaces and spaces in the kitchen,  bedroom, or any other room. For this case, we have upgraded furniture by linear actuators integration and control panel. Learn further to get more details about them.

Smart Home Ideas to Reach the Level of Comfort You Need

Smart homes focus on convenience, safety, and efficiency. Instead of sci-fi robots or devices that tune into our deepest desires before we have a chance to voice them, updating your abode controls is an effective way to check all your utilities.

Simply put, smart homes were created with the consumer in mind and aimed at making life easier and more convenient. Let’s forget about any stigma you might have and focus on how much time you could save by installing a smart home.

Some of the benefits of smart homes are long-term. This means that it takes a certain level of investment to start saving money, making your home more efficient, and spending less time organizing your utilities. Because of this, the reasons why someone might not consider installing a smart home are usually related to finances.

Smart Lighting and Its Benefits

This is usually the entry point for those looking to update their home systems. It’s also a great place to start playing with the mood of certain rooms and change colors or dimming settings throughout the day.

The advantage of smart lighting is that you don’t need a central hub to control it, you can just use an app on your phone or even program it with a smart home speaker.

For this reason, smart lighting is used by many modern Americans, and simple features like turning on the living room lights while you’re on vacation are an effective way to scare away unwanted guests and intruders. Smart lights can interact with other smart home devices, which is another big reason why so many people focus on lighting as a stepping stone into the world of smart home devices.

Thermostats and Smart Heating in Your Home

Another key part of smart homes is the ease of controlling your home’s heating, which can start saving you money in the long run. While this is usually the most expensive installation cost, integrating a smart thermostat will add value to your home by bringing it up to date.

Smart thermostats are effective for programming the rooms you occupy the most and adjusting your HVAC systems accordingly. Another great feature of this system is that you can connect speakers and program them so that your home doesn’t use energy when you’re away to heat a room you don’t intend to be in.

Home Security Cameras

An effective way to establish Security in your home is through the installation of home security cameras. Most often, this is used to keep an eye on your home or even pets when you are not at home. Street models are effective at catching burglars on the spot before they get inside.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Another way to keep your home safe is to upgrade your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Smart detectors will generate local alarms, and send notifications to your phone and anyone you authorize as a contact when a hazard is detected.

This is another great feature for all elderly or vulnerable people because you will have peace of mind knowing that they are insured and that you will be contacted in an emergency.

Automated Desks and Bed Frames

These products are a must-have for any abode. Their key function and features are to bring ergonomics to your home. You will feel better with them in terms of physical and correspondingly mental state.

If you study or work from home, an adjustable desk will allow you to change your body positioning while sitting and standing. It is able to adjust its height according to your particular physique and general preferences. Do not sit the whole day, discover a new ergonomic way of working while standing for some time.

Speaking about motorized bed frames, here you get a perfect sleeping place with proper body positioning. All systems of your body will start to work better: no pain in the legs, no strain in the back and head. Moreover, you will get rid of noisy snoring and feel more power in the morning.

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