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8 Best Tips on How to Write Fast in 2022




If your work involves how to type faster, or if you just want to improve this skill to reduce time, be more productive, or have more free time, then you have come to the right place.

Typing fast is not such a difficult skill, but it requires a lot of patience and mostly practice, so this time we offer you the best methods to learn how to type faster through various dynamic exercises. You will find it very useful if you are working in essay assistance and writing academic papers for students.

In addition, we will also share with you the best programs to learn how to type for free and even a few games to develop your finger dexterity.

So. Let’s get started. Ready? Let’s get typing!

1. Type faster under pressure

Many people claim to work better under pressure, but have you ever tried typing faster under pressure? And it’s not about skipping meal times or bathroom breaks to type faster, as that can lead to some complications in the long run, but about challenging yourself.

However, you must look at this exercise as a way to challenge yourself. That is, you should set a goal of typing quickly without checking your social media or cell phone until you have typed a certain number of paragraphs or lines.

Without a doubt, this will be one of the best ways in which you can exercise your fingers and prepare them for a typing marathon and thus demonstrate your skills in a competition to write fast and beautifully.

2. Say goodbye to distractions

Another way to learn to type faster is to disconnect from the Internet and do the same with your cell phone or other screens in your environment, as it will distract you and you will not only lose the great ideas you had but also leave your goal: how to type faster and without looking at your keyboard.

Also, it’s not just getting off the Internet, there are even pages that block ads on websites so you can focus on reading and nothing else, which will also help you learn to type faster because you will reduce the factors that interrupt your attention.

Even if it is necessary, find a quiet place where no one will interrupt you so you can let your creative process flow.

3. Write as ideas come to you

Another great tip to help you learn to type faster on your cell phone keyboard is to write down your ideas as they come up, without editing them as you go: if you write down an idea but stop to correct it, you risk leaving your thought unfinished or, worse, forgetting completely what you were thinking.

To apply this tip on how to write fast is that if you’re composing an idea, don’t get hung up on details like the name of a street or the color of an article of clothing. If you don’t have that information yet, fill in the blanks with a sign or abbreviation that you can quickly identify.

Also, when applying these tips on how to write quickly, don’t stop to think about whether your thought is consistent or whether your syntax is correct, as you will get stuck in one place in the text and may miss the whole idea of your writing.

Similarly, when typing quickly, don’t worry too much about the eloquence of the text. Remember that it’s a draft, and you’ll have the opportunity to edit it later.

4. Autocorrector, that’s not you. This is my writing

If you want to learn how to write fast on your cell phone, you need to turn off the red or blue lines that show that your idea is not written correctly, because you can concentrate on that warning again and put off the idea you had in your head until you forget it.

Also, autocorrect can play tricks on you when it comes to how to write faster because you may end up writing a word instead of the correct one; it has probably happened to you that when you send a quick WhatsApp message, your conversation partner replies that they didn’t understand you, and then you realize that autocorrect played a dirty trick on you because you wanted to practice how to write fast.

5. Drafts

Hand in hand with the previous advice, so that ideas don’t go to waste and you keep applying all these tips on how to write fast on the computer, you must remember that there are still details in your text that need to be corrected, and if you start editing your texts without finishing them, you will lose more time than you intended.

Also, these tips on how to write faster will be very helpful if you too are in doubt about how to start a personal or professional blog. Remember that a draft means you’re just starting to work on an idea, and giving up perfectionism will be a good idea when it comes to how to type faster.

6. From the most general idea to the specific

Similarly, another way that you can use when it comes to learning how to type faster is to identify the general idea first when developing your text, and then develop the secondary ideas. It’s like a map of your text that will save you more time than you can imagine.

Moreover, you can also use this advice to write faster, and it will work very well if you adapt it to the specifics of the blog. You will undoubtedly achieve a greater reach to your target audience.

If you want to apply this tip to write quickly and beautifully, you can of course sketch or organize the main points of your text either using the snowflake technique or the Ishikawa diagram, also known as the fishbone diagram.

7. Keyboard shortcuts

If you want to learn how to type faster in Word, keyboard shortcuts can help you save time because with just a few keys or commands you can do more things in a shorter amount of time.

And not just for typing quickly, you can also find shortcuts for the search engine, for accessing your desktop, for finding files on your computer, or for marking all emails as read.

8. Switch to writer mode

If you need to stay focused while doing research for your texts, you also need to know another way to learn how to write quickly on the computer: the main thing is inspiration, and if you are easily distracted, you can choose some browser extensions that will certainly be very useful.

One is Time Tracker, which shows how much time you spend on your sites. Or, if you want to reduce the time you spend on social media, Strick Workflow can help you work around the Pomodoro technique by blocking the sites you specify so that you can continue to develop your typing skills faster and keep your ideas from slipping away.


So, are you sure you can type fast? If not, take the typing speed test at the AgileFIngers website and keep practicing as much as you can, because without a doubt, being able to type fast becomes a skill that will greatly help you in writing essays, research papers, or even a book.


All You Need to Know about GAMSAT Course and Its Preparation





GAMSAT is an acronym for the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test. It is an exam administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to select suitable candidates for entry into medical school in Australia and Ireland. This exam is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities in the areas of science, humanities and problem-solving. It is also used to identify potential medical students who have the highest aptitude and potential to become successful healthcare professionals.

In order to prepare for a GAMSAT exam, there are numerous courses available online and in-person. These courses provide an in-depth overview of the material covered, as well as practice tests and other resources to help prepare for the exam. The courses are designed to provide an understanding of the content and structure of the exam, as well as to give students the necessary skills to succeed on the day of the test.

GAMSAT Course Structure

The GAMSAT course content is divided into three sections. The first section is the Scientific Knowledge and Reasoning section, which covers topics such as biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. This section is designed to test a student’s ability to analyze and interpret scientific information, and to apply scientific principles to solve problems. The second section is the Humanities and Social Sciences section, which covers topics such as sociology, psychology, history and philosophy. This section is designed to assess a student’s ability to analyze and interpret social and cultural information, and to apply principles from the humanities and social sciences to solve problems. The third section is the Writing section, which is designed to evaluate a student’s ability to write clearly, persuasively and succinctly.

Familiarize with Content & Structure for Preparing GAMSAT

In order to adequately prepare for the GAMSAT, students should be familiar with the content and structure of the exam, the type of questions that will be asked and the scoring system used by ACER. Students should also be familiar with the strategies and resources available to help them prepare for the exam. For this reason, GAMSAT tutoring plays an important role to assist student in preparing themselves. Some of the most popular GAMSAT preparation resources include textbooks, practice tests, online courses and tutoring services.

Textbooks are a great way to gain an understanding of the material that will be covered on the GAMSAT. There are numerous GAMSAT prep books available that cover the topics of the exam in detail. The books typically provide an overview of the content, practice questions, tips and strategies on how to approach the exam and a section on how to interpret the results.

Practice tests are another important part of GAMSAT preparation. Practice tests provide an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the textbooks to real-life scenarios. Taking practice tests can help students become familiar with the structure and format of the GAMSAT and develop the skills necessary to excel on the day of the exam.

Online Assistances of GAMSAT

Online courses are also available to help students prepare for the GAMSAT. These courses typically provide an overview of the content and structure of the exam, as well as practice tests and other resources to help students become better prepared. The courses also provide strategies and advice on how to approach the exam and interpret the results.

Finally, tutoring services are available to help students prepare for the GAMSAT. Tutors provide personalized instruction and support to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop a personalized approach to the GAMSAT and improve their performance on the exam.

Overall, preparing for the GAMSAT requires a significant amount of time and effort. It is important for students to be familiar with the content and structure of the exam, the type of questions that will be asked, the scoring system and the strategies and resources available to help them prepare. By following these steps, students can increase their chances of success on the GAMSAT and become one step closer to realizing their dream of becoming a medical professional.

Alternatives of GAMSAT

The GAMSAT is not the only test used to select medical school candidates. Many universities in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom also offer other tests to select medical school applicants. These tests include the UCAT (Undergraduate Clinical Aptitude Test), the UMAT (Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test) and the BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test).

The UCAT is a two-hour computer-based test that assesses a candidate’s verbal, quantitative and non-verbal reasoning abilities. The UMAT, on the other hand, is a three-hour test that assesses a candidate’s problem-solving and decision-making abilities. The BMAT is a three-hour, paper-based test that assesses a candidate’s scientific, problem-solving and communication skills.

Booking of GAMSAT Exam | Exam Duration & Structure

In order to take the GAMSAT exam, students must register for the exam through the ACER website. The exam is typically held twice a year in May and November. The exam lasts for approximately five and a half hours and is divided into three sections.

The first section is the Scientific Knowledge and Reasoning section, which tests a student’s knowledge of science and their ability to apply scientific principles to solve problems. This section consists of 100 multiple choice questions and lasts for two and a half hours.

The second section is the Humanities and Social Sciences section, which tests a student’s knowledge of the humanities and social sciences and their ability to apply principles from these disciplines to solve problems. This section consists of 75 multiple choice questions and lasts for one and a half hours.

The third section is the Writing section, which tests a student’s writing ability. This section consists of two essays and lasts for one hour.

How much does GAMSAT cost?

The cost of the GAMSAT exam varies from country to country. In Australia, the cost of the exam is currently set at AUD$315. In Ireland, the cost of the exam is set at EUR€210. In the United Kingdom, the cost of the exam is set at GBP£175.


The GAMSAT is an important exam for aspiring medical school candidates. It is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities in the areas of science, humanities and problem-solving. In order to adequately prepare for the GAMSAT, students should be familiar with the content and structure of the exam, the type of questions that will be asked and the scoring system used by ACER. There are numerous resources available to help students prepare for the GAMSAT, such as textbooks, practice tests, online courses and tutoring services. The cost of the GAMSAT exam varies from country to country, with the cost in Australia currently set at AUD$315.

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The Ultimate Chores Guide for Your Children





As parents, it’s our responsibility to equip our children with the skills they need for adulthood, and money management is an important one. One great way to teach money management skills to your little one is through hands-on experience. Paying children for completing chores such as setting the table, clearing away their toys, or washing the car can give them an opportunity to practise managing money.

This approach has multiple benefits for both parents and children. It helps children develop a strong work ethic, respect for money earned, and builds character and self-esteem. It also allows parents to recognise and reward their children for their contributions. This method of teaching the value of money and the importance of hard work through pocket money for chores can be beneficial for children’s financial education. Should you successfully teach your children the importance of money management then considering how you set up investment accounts for your children is incredibly important to ensuring their money is also working harder for them for their futures.

Paying children to do chores also teaches them:

  • Basic life skills
  • How to listen and follow instructions
  • Importance of taking care of things
  • Teamwork

Ultimate chores for children

Many parents question the benefits of assigning chores to their children. But in fact, chores can be an excellent tool to teach children responsibility and foster a sense of community within the household. It also prepares them for adult life by encouraging good habits of cleanliness and organisation. Additionally, completing chores can give children a sense of pride and accomplishment.

When deciding on chores for children, it’s important to consider their age and level of responsibility. Give them the time to master the task and be understanding if they make mistakes.

The most important thing is that they give it their best shot. Some common chores for different ages include:

Chores list for Kids under 6 years old

As your child prepares to start their school journey, now is an ideal time to introduce them to a chore-based allowance system. Not only will they earn their own pocket money, but they will also learn valuable lessons about saving even before formal education begins.

Simple chores that your child can handle with parental supervision at this age include:

  • Watering the plants
  • Putting away toys after playing with them
  • Brushing teeth in the morning and before bed
  • Making their bed

These tasks will not only help with keeping the house clean and tidy, but it also teaches them responsibility, time management and the value of hard work.

Chores list for Kids under 7-12 years old

As your child enters school, they will likely encounter new opportunities to spend their pocket money, such as in the school cafeteria or bookshop. This is an important time to teach them about the importance of managing money wisely, as it is finite.

Children of this age may be able to handle chores more independently, but still require some parental supervision to ensure that they are completed properly. One way to balance independence and supervision is to involve them in household chores as your little assistant.

Examples of tasks that they can handle include:

  • Washing and drying the dishes
  • Tidying their room
  • Helping to clean the house
  • Helping with cooking tasks such as washing vegetables and measuring ingredients
  • Taking care of the family pet by walking the dog or feeding them regularly
  • Getting ready for school
  • Homework

Chores list for Kids under 13+ years old

As your child enters early adolescence, they will likely need more pocket money as they spend more time at school and with friends. To accommodate this, you may consider increasing the amount they can earn from chores or offering bonuses for completing tasks unprompted. This can encourage them to take a more active role in maintaining the house.

Examples of chores that can earn money include:

  • Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the floor
  • Taking out the trash
  • Tutoring younger siblings or cousins
  • Running errands
  • Doing laundry
  • Tidying their room


Giving children age-appropriate weekly tasks, such as washing and drying the dishes, clearing away toys, or doing the laundry, and paying them for completing them has plenty of benefits for both parents and children. Not only can it help children to increase their self-esteem and build character, but it also helps them to develop a strong work ethic, respect the art of earning money and teaches valuable money management skills. Getting to grips with managing income is a crucial life skill and by understanding this from an early age will set them up for success in life.

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Most Popular International Universities Among the U.S. Students





Today everyone wants a degree from an international University as it boosts their career and improves job opportunities. Going abroad for higher studies has multiple benefits, including an array of courses, world-class education, and affordability. In addition, the experience one gathers during their study abroad is priceless and shapes their young mind. And therefore, most American students prefer to move outside the country for education. A study reported that many U.S. students are flying abroad for their higher studies.  

Also, when you look for global education, you can get the chance to learn under a different academic pattern. Therefore, it helps you to acquire new perspectives that broaden your knowledge. And, if you also have the vision to study abroad, continue reading. Here, we will list some of the popular international universities among U.S. students and why they can be an ideal option for you.  

University of Arts London – England

England is the first and foremost top educational destination among U.S. students. The University of Arts London is among the most popular international universities. The University of Arts London is an international university of fine arts, and thousands of American students interested in this domain are often attracted to enroll in this institute. The university has a solid historical past and a heritage of world-class education, which also becomes an attraction for U.S. students.

There are several reasons you can consider enrolling at this university. First, the alumni base is strong, and many renowned artists have completed their education at this institute. Besides, the tuition fee is also lower when compared to other international universities. 

London School of Economics and Politics – England

Another top international university in England that has massive popularity among American students is the London School of Economics and Politics. Currently, some of the most renowned politicians and economists, like Kennedy and David Rockefeller, are alumni of this institute. They hold prominent positions in global politics and economics. Also, the London School of Economics and Politics has been on the list of the top 100 international universities for many years. The institute provides a strong curriculum and quality education in several social and economic disciplines.

The primary language for instruction is English here, and students from English-speaking backgrounds, like U.S. students, can easily adapt to this type of education system. The other perks which attract U.S. students are scholarships and cost-effective accommodations.

University of Melbourne – Australia

Australia is another popular study destination among American students, while the University of Melbourne remains one of the most attractive educational places. This owes its position in the top eight international universities in the country. The University of Melbourne is in Victoria, Australia. It is the oldest University in Victoria and the second oldest one in Australia. More than 27% of students enrolled in the university are internationally born, indicating its popularity. Also, the university provides a wide range of specialization options, making it an ideal international university for U.S. students.

Munich University of Technology – Germany

Munich University of Technology is one of the nine leading technology institutes called TU:9 in the country. The university has multiple satellite campuses in different countries and locations like Singapore, Garching, and Freising-Weihenstephan. Munich university of technology, also known as TUM, ranks within the 100 top technological universities in the world. This international university attracts many students from across the world because it holds a prestigious position among the top five technological universities that have created the highest scientific impact – by the European Commission.

Though the university’s primary language of instruction is German, several courses are offered in English. So, you can choose the subject accordingly. Also, Germany provides free education, which makes it another good option as an international university for American students as they face trouble dealing with the higher tuition fees in their home country. 

University of Science and Technology China – China

University of Science and Technology China, also known as USTC, is another famous international university many U.S. students target to enroll in. The university holds a stable ranking in the top 100 science and technology universities worldwide. From 1991-2000, the institute published several journals in fields like Science, PRL, and Nature, contributing to its name and fame. The institute enrolls 36% of international students of its total learner force and provides a world-class education for them. The primary instruction language in this institute is Chinese, but it also provides courses in English. China’s language and culture differ from America’s; hence you must choose this institute wisely.

University of Barcelona – Spain

The University of Barcelona is Spain’s oldest and best University in Catalonia. The University of Barcelona is also one of the top universities worldwide for Arts and Humanities, Life Science, and Biomedicines. Another interesting fact about this institution is that the university’s library is the largest in the country, holding 2,000,000 books and publications. Studying in Spain is a great opportunity, as the tuition fee is lower. This international university offers various courses in English even though the primary language for instruction is Spanish. In addition, you can take a language course to make it easy to communicate with native people, teachers, and batchmates during your stay.

Pierre and Marie Curie University – France

France is one of the top countries globally that attracts a good number of international students every year. Pierre and Marie Curie University are located in the Capital of Paris. It also forms France’s largest and most significant medical and science institute. The institute complex has 125+ laboratories. It is among the top 50 international universities per URAP and ARWU indexes. Currently, out of 14% of international student’s majority of them are of American origin. Besides, the primary instruction language is French, although many courses are offered in English. So, English-speaking students can attend the university. Also, Paris is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Therefore, when you enroll in PMCU, you get an excellent opportunity to travel and witness some of the finest beauty of the city, like the Eiffel Tower and the Paris art museum. Along with world-class education, you also experience local foods and a burst of culture mix during your study period.

Polytechnic University of Turin – Italy

When discussing or thinking about international universities, your list must include Italy. Today Italy is also a popular study destination for many U.S. students compared to multiple international universities. The Polytechnic University of Turin holds 14% of its population as international students, amongst which the post-graduation enrollment is high. This indicates its attractiveness amongst international students, especially Americans. The university is globally recognized for its facilities and educational resources for domains like Architecture and technical engineering. In addition, the university offers 14 specially designed course programs in English, which reduce the language barrier for many international students. Also, you can enroll in an Italian language course program to help you live and interact with locals easily during your study span.

Other top universities popular among U.S. students

All the top international universities cannot be listed, as they are many renowned and esteemed institutions on global fronts. All the universities are popular for their course, activities, co-curriculums, and placement opportunities. Some have been discussed above, while other top universities you can check are listed below

  • Imperial College London
  • University of Adelaide
  • Paris Diderot University
  • University of Strasbourg
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Sydney
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Zurich
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Tsinghua University
  • University of Buckingham
  • Goethe University of Frankfurt


Studying abroad is a lifetime experience, and the options are nearly endless. Institution around the world provide you exposure to the culture, heritage, education, and experience that helps you to build your personality and career. This article discusses some very popular institutes worldwide for your help. So, if you want to enroll in an international university for your higher study, make sure to contribute enough time to all possible options and choose the best ones that fit your requirements. Also, remember to get an international debit card while studying abroad. It will make your international payments smooth and reliable. 

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