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Why Online Gambling Companies Are So Successful (5 Reasons)




Over recent years, you’ll no doubt have noticed that online gambling has become extremely popular. From social media to billboards, it seems like it’s everywhere – but why is this?

Naturally, lots of people are scratching their heads trying to figure out the answer as to why gambling online gambling has become such a cultural hit. Luckily, this easy guide has the answers.

Whether you’re a fan of online gambling or a business owner who wants to know the blueprint, below are the five main reasons why online gambling is on top, and likely won’t lose its position for a long time.

1. The Mobile Market

Firstly, there’s the mobile market.

Your smartphone is usually in your hand whenever you go outside or spend some time relaxing at home, right? This is the same for almost everybody.

Of course, we don’t just carry our smartphones for no reason. Instead, it’s usually to play games, browse social media, and pass the time during those boring moments.

Well, unsurprisingly, online gambling has helped to fill this gap. Now, whenever people have their iPhones and Androids with them, they’ll often turn to online gambling as a source of entertainment.

For example, you’ll see this in bars and trains – people love to gamble using their smartphones. The vast majority of gambling today is conducted directly through smartphones, which tell you everything you need to know! It’s convenient, fun, and doesn’t cause any hassle whatsoever.

Naturally, this has led to mobile casinos like becoming very popular. The market space is there to be filled, and many online gambling companies have grasped it.

Moving into the future, it’s highly likely that 90-100% of online gambling will be done through mobiles if the current trend continues.

2. Many Land-Based Casinos Have Closed

Do you remember back in 2020 and 2021 when many businesses had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Sadly, this affected many land-based casinos and sportsbook shops, as many of them had to close their doors permanently.

As a result, because people were spending more time at home, they turned to online gambling to fill the gap. No surprise, it worked a treat.

Now, this trend has stuck, and it likely isn’t going to change anytime soon!

3. A Wide Variety of Games

Online casinos are the most popular platforms for online gambling.

When you enter an online casino, you’ll find that there’s usually a huge variety of games to choose from, such as:

  • Blackjack
  • Video poker
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Baccarat

Most of the time, these games are 3D-animated and come with lots of exciting animations and sound effects, so it’s hardly surprising that people like them.

4. Bonuses and Special Offers

Moving on, let’s now discuss bonuses and special offers.

No matter what type of online gambling website or app you choose, you’re likely going to encounter bonuses and special offers.

For example, it’s very common for new account holders of an online casino to be offered one of the following:

  • A matched deposit (whichever amount of money you deposit into your account; the online casino will match it)
  • Free spins on the slot machines

These bonuses and special offers ensure that people stay captivated and interested.

5. The Social Aspect

Lastly, online gambling companies are providing millions of people with a platform for socializing.

Many ‘live’ versions of online gambling games have social chat rooms for people to communicate, and games like live video poker allow the players to communicate with real human dealers via web camera. This creates an immersive and sociable experience that’s a lot of fun for both parties.

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Upstate Liquidator Review: An Overall Review





Upstate is one of the most well-known online wholesale liquidation companies, having extensive experience in dealing with liquidation goods. The company’s headquarters are in Greenville, South Carolina. There are numerous reasons why many shops prefer to do business with Upstate.

Upstate Liquidator sells liquidation products in bulk and it is one of the best liquidation stores to buy pallets in South Carolina. Pallets, truckloads, container loads, and smaller lots are all available for purchase. Upstate Liquidator offers stocks with set prices that clients can purchase online.

One of the primary reasons is that Upstate’s inventory is large and contains excess products that can be tough to find with other liquidation wholesalers. Furthermore, they offer fantastic rates to their consumers by passing on savings.

Their inventory gets filled 3-5 times per week. So, it is an excellent option for customers to try out their fortunes in these pallets. Many small businesses and shops prefer to do business with Upstate Liquidator because of this company’s excellent customer service.

What are things that you can buy?

Upstate Liquidator provides a wide range of merchandise to choose from. The categories of goods that have in their inventory are unmatchable, starting from furniture to other housekeeping merchandise; the collection is endless.

In the appliances category, they offer goods that are tested and guaranteed. The inventory is generally loaded with appliances like Refrigerators, Gas and Electric Dryers, Gas and Electric Ranges, Dishwashers, Freezers, etc.

However, the main attraction of Upstate Liquidator is their lawn equipment pallets. Upstate Liquidators has a wide selection of lawn equipment to make any yard look great. They have everything you need, from lawnmowers to chainsaws, regardless of your project size.

With their product, you can be confident that your new item will function adequately, or they will fix it or give you store credit for any defective items that do not meet your expectations.

If the thought of outdated or damaged furniture haunts you, then do not worry. Upstate Liquidator has the right furniture collection suited for the purpose when it is time to upgrade your dining or living room.

Their collection includes indoor and outdoor furniture, which can be great for your space. Among the other items, the furniture collection generally includes items like-Bar stools, Dining room tables, Chairs, Storage cabinets, Decorative tables, Sideboards, Firepits, etc.

Why choose Upstate?

Upstate Liquidator is ideal for small businesses wishing to resell things. The goods offered by them are of high quality and come with guarantees. They test all their goods before sale. Their inventory gets filled 3-5 times every week by their truck. Thus you can get your required merchandise at any time with excellent deals on the price. 

It features good customer service that can assist you with your purchase and explain what you can expect to buy. If they find that a product has no value during the inspection, it will be recycled. Other things are packaged and made ready for customers to purchase.

 Another advantage is that you can go to the Upstate Liquidator warehouse and get a feel of the merchandise. You have the option of picking up the stocks personally. The delivery possibilities are also very versatile.

What are the drawbacks of Upstate Liquidator?

In the last section, we discussed the benefits of doing business with Upstate Liquidator. Let us now look at its disadvantages or drawbacks.

To begin with, most of the drawbacks that exist in the liquidation industry may also be found in Upstate Liquidator. Yes, Upstate Liquidator has precautions to ensure that the consumer is not adversely affected. However, the notion of liquidation resale has significant flaws. You may often end up with a pallet that yields little to no profit. Furthermore, this market has reached saturation, and you may find it tough to compete with other liquidation merchants.

Another significant disadvantage is that you never know what you will receive. You will almost always be purchasing a category of pallets rather than specific products. As a result, you can never be sure of your loss or profit.

So, it is suggested that you should always start small, develop some experience, and then move forward by taking risks to expect higher returns on your investment.


Finally, Upstate Liquidator is incredibly beneficial because it deals with liquidation items. Upstate Liquidator not only assists customers with purchases but also offers deals on overstock merchandise and high-quality customer service. These are the most important reasons to select Upstate Liquidator.

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Compass Self Storage Review: A Beneficial Guide





 Self-storage units in Canada, the USA, the UK and other big countries are gaining ground nowadays. This is mostly accredited to their versatile uses, efficiency and the resulting demand. The requirement of extra storage space, and people’s willingness to pay for the same forms the basis of the self-storage industry.

Self-storage facilities all over the world provide interested individuals with rentable units to store their belongings. The top self-storage units further provide customers with extra features like on-site supplies for sale, climate controlled storage units at a slightly higher rent, 24/7 video surveillance and so on.

Most people require storage units to store their household belongings while they downsize, or vehicle parking or even business documents and inventory. But storage spaces can also be used for temperature-sensitive objects, crafted items, paintings, expensive antiques or jewellery, appliances, etc.

Compass self-storage is a self-storage company in Canada which provides similar storage services to customers in need. And I will be reviewing and detailing the sort of services they seem to provide. So let us start from the first and foremost interface that a customer interacts with in order to find a suitable unit, their website.


With a dark blue colour palette with some touches of a shade of bright yellow, their home page seems to be a hub of information about the various services they provide. The website home page seems to simplify all their services provided.

The information is displayed in a way that is easily comprehensible and navigable by even the least tech-savvy persons. The Home page also contains a brief introduction about why they are the ideal storage company, as well as an About Compass section at the top right corner.

The company has locations scattered across the Eastern Seaboards and the Midwestern states. Compass self-storage is a member of the Amsdell family of companies which is headquartered in Cleveland, OH.

Features and Tools

The website really makes looking for the perfect storage space much easier than the traditional way. The first thing a visitor sees on the website is the Search bar which allows one to search for facilities by City, State or Zip code, and the distance between the facility and the area.

While the former of these two tools is usually present in most companies’ websites, the Distance tool is rather rare and not provided in most of the websites that I have come across and reviewed.

Further the website provides clickable Infographics which take you to Unit Size guides, Packing supplies information and Truck Rental service guides. The Size guide provides an estimate of a the space that the unit provides, as well as the sort of stuff that you can store in the unit. The Packing supplies page has information about the supplies that they sell.

From moving boxes of various sizes to shrink wrap, they have all the trinkets one could need for a safe wrapping and moving session. The Truck rental page tells us about how to rent a Moving truck from their site. It also has specifications and information about truck sizes and other services they offer.

Further, the company also provides Personal, Business and Boat and RV storage, like some of the top self-storage facilities in the country. Again, the graphics are clickable and take you directly to the respective pages.

Their unit features include Drive-up and indoor unit access, climate controlled units, extensive access hours, electronic gate access, cctv, etc. Scrolling down till the end of the page reveals that they also provide pharmaceutical storage and small business storage. Both of these are perfect to store shipment and inventory when they are not needed.


Compass Self storage provides a plethora of sizes to choose from. You can access their size guide and decide which one seems the most suitable for your belongings. Compass, like most of the largest self storage companies, provides standard sizes. The 5’ x 5 unit has 25 sq. ft. of space while the 5’ x 10’ provides 50 square foot. The 10’ x 10’ unit has a 100 square foot of space, the 10’ x 15’ has 150 sq. ft. and so on. They also have 10’ x 20’ and 10’ x 30’ units. But these are just the most common sizes. They also provide sizes that lie in between these dimensions. For example, units like 5’ x 7’, 8’ x 5’, 6’ x 8’, etc.


Like all self-storage companies, in Canada or USA of in any country, Compass self-storage prices their units at different values depending on the location and features. To give you a rough idea, the units in Montgomery, Alabama on 4220 Troy Hwy, start from $25 at the lowest, for a 5’ x 5’ sized non-climate-controlled unit. The same unit, when climate-controlled, costs $48 a month. Further, the prices increase with an increase in the size and features. The largest normal unit lies at $469 while providing the customer with 800 square foot of space. Further, some selected units can be rented out for free for the first month, almost like a trial for the customer to make a decision upon.

On the contrary, units in the Compass facility at 200 S. Arrowhead Dr.Montgomery, Alabama, have much higher prices. The 5’ x 5’ unit starts at $64, and goes on increasing. Their largest climate controlled unit has dimensions 10’ x 30’ and is costs $425 a month. That is a shocking increase in comparison to the former facility.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an indispensable way of gaining ground for companies. Reviews are undoubtedly one of the best ways to judge a company, other than using its services and judging it. And Compass Storage proudly displays its reviews on its website. One customer praised the friendly service, along with the clean and easily accessible facility. While another customer showered the company with love and portrayed his gratefulness for the years worth of fantastic service that he received.

But usually, companies prefer to highlight their best reviews on their website while hiding their criticisms. Hence an unbiased source is necessary to have an impartial judgement. And for us, this source is Trustpilot and the reviews received by Compass self storage. They have received almost 2 thousand reviews on Trustpilot, and about 78% of the lot says the company is excellent. From their service, to security, organisation and professionalism, everything has been praised. But alongside, a ton of the customers are unhappy with the frequent rate increases and hidden fees. About 7% of the total reviews are negative and complain about the high rates. There are also some reviews mentioning the last minute rate changes and similar debauchery that they have faced.

In Conclusion

It looks like Compass Self storage has some fans and some haters, which is fairly normal for every company. Depending on your requirements and budget, it would be best to read all documents carefully. Be sure of all your expenses before you seal the deal. You can also check out their blog which has articles about moving with pets, home business related posts and the like.

And if you don’t find a suitable unit at Compass Self storage, make sure to check out our review about Atlantic Self-Storage,(enter article link), USA. Happy storing!

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How to Be a Good Estate Agent





Home buyers and sellers now have the chance to learn more about the process of selling a property thanks to the internet. Property selling is not an easy process.

People do, however, require a real estate agent since the purchasing and selling processes can be facilitated with the help of experience and subject-matter expertise.

Estate agents such as these Balham estate agents, for example, play a vital role in the property market, acting as a go-between for buyers and sellers. However, estate agent work is not for everyone. To be successful in this career, you need to be a people person with excellent negotiation skills. You should also be knowledgeable about the local property market and have a good understanding of the legal process involved in buying and selling property. If you have these skills and qualities, then you could have a rewarding career as an estate agent.

Let’s examine the key characteristics of a good real estate agent.

Professionalism and Reputation

A real estate agent’s work is heavily influenced by professionalism. Each agent must perform their duties to the highest standard.

The goal of the real estate agent profession is to provide the most value to its clients to satisfy them. The reputation of an agent and the real estate company where the agent works are both directly impacted by the level of professionalism.

People might use online research to learn more about the person in front of them. Therefore, maintaining an impeccable reputation requires offering top-notch customer service throughout the sales process. Poor service has the danger of getting negative feedback on forums, which could ultimately harm an agent’s career. Therefore, if you want to keep working in this field, personal branding is crucial.

Inventiveness and Competence

Every real estate agent needs to be equipped to overcome challenges and concentrate on finding solutions to issues that may arise. After every meeting with a seller or a buyer, a real estate professional should reflect on their performance and consider how they might have done better.

Additionally, the capacity to overcome challenges is connected to stress management.

If you are unable to maintain your professionalism in the face of potential conflicts, becoming a real estate agent can become quite stressful.

An agent may experience significant levels of stress due to the handling of appointments, papers, and any other tasks entrusted to them.

On the other hand, training might boost your confidence in your skills.  By staying up to date on regulatory changes through training courses, you can get better outcomes and help more clients. People expect their real estate agents to be knowledgeable about and well-versed in all facets of the home selling industry.

A skilled agent can also reach more potential clients.


When trying to buy or sell a property, prospective buyers and sellers want to work with someone they can trust. For people to trust a real estate agent, transparency and honesty are crucial.

Although openness has not always been a part of the real estate agent’s image, this association is starting to change. Given the significance of each individual’s home in their everyday lives, real estate agents also play a significant role.

People can trust you more by being transparent with them, and you as a real estate agent can start developing relationships this way. Real estate agents should care about relationships with clients and work to run the buying and selling process as efficiently as possible.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are crucial for maintaining healthy relationships in interpersonal interactions. A person might be seen as successful if they can create strong bonds with other individuals.

A real estate agent must be able to interact with a property’s seller, oversee visitors to the home, and negotiate the purchase and sale of the property.

Understanding People’s Moods Requires Empathy

Emotions play a significant role in the decision-making process when a person decides to sell or buy a home. A person seeks to communicate to the agent the significance that the house has or will have in their life and wants to be understood.

Everyone has a preferred method of communication; some prefer to call, while others prefer to send an SMS, and still, others prefer to send an email.

Although it is difficult, keeping up with the client is necessary to deliver a high-quality service.

Final Words

But above all, for your clients’ long-term well-being, what you do is vitally crucial.

We think you know it better than we do, and you probably selected this line of work because of how significant a part real estate agents play in people’s lives.

A person’s primary and most valuable possession is their home. Always keep this in mind and never forget to put in your best effort to ensure that every client has the opportunity to live in the home of their dreams or, at the very least, in the one that best suits their needs in light of the market conditions.

The satisfaction of seeing a customer happy and comfortable with their purchase (or sale) is, in the long term, a much greater source of satisfaction than a few thousand dollars more.

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