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5 Unique Diamond Rings for Various Occasions




Not all rings have a romantic connotation, although rings are often a symbol of your love for another person. Many rings can also represent the love of oneself and where you recognize the major milestones and accomplishments in life.

Rings can be a sentimental reminder of the best things in life whether they are received as a gift or bought for yourself for a special occasion. These dazzling jewels can be an instant reminder of the important memories and milestones that are shared with loved ones or experienced on your own.

It doesn’t matter if you wear them every day or they’re kept specially for important occasions, the matter of the heart that counts most. Read on to explore 5 popular types of rings for special occasions!

1. Engagement Rings

An engagement marks the day your beloved asks for your hand in marriage, it is a reminder of that perfect memory and indicates the acceptance of a proposal. The ring is one of the main characters on an engagement day and is a symbol that a woman is now engaged.

This requires a decent amount of saving, but nothing compares to the lifetime of love two individuals share, which is priceless. Newly engaged couples aren’t stepping back since the desire to express their love and find the perfect ring supersedes all.

Engagement rings are traditionally made with diamonds. They are designed with a white diamond stone in the center and a gold band and nowadays, gold bands are popularly being replaced by platinum bands. Engagement rings come in a variety of styles, a few of them are mentioned below.

Solitaire: It gets its name from the french word “alone” as the ring carries a singular diamond. It is a classic, one of the most popular engagement ring styles, it boasts simplicity and elegance. The stone is placed high and this allows maximum light exposure enhancing the diamond’s brilliance.

Halo: This is best suited to a fashion-forward woman, this ring style has an ethereal feel to it.  A “halo” of smaller diamonds surrounds the central gemstone to highlight its sparkle and make the stone seem bigger. This design has hopes to become the “new classic”.

Three stone: This ring type is also known as a trilogy or trinity ring. This design has three gemstones that symbolize a couple’s past, present, and future together. The center gemstone is set higher than the side gemstones adding to the ring’s depth. It’s a wonderful choice for one who cherishes sentimental value and enjoys symbolism.

Color accent: Colored gemstones are set on the engagement band to add a pop of color and highlight the center stone.

Other engagement ring styles include the Pavé, Classic, Infinity, Cathedral, Vintage, Channel Set, and Swirl.

2. Right-hand Ring

You may or may not have heard about a right-hand ring. It’s basically a ring worn on one’s ring finger on the right hand, unlike engagement and wedding rings that are traditionally worn on the left hand. In the early 2000s, a De Beers marketing campaign created this concept.

The New York Times once explained that if a diamond ring is seen on a woman’s fourth finger on her right hand, it is a representation of changing gender norms, an independent spirit, and even economic empowerment.

Although this campaign was created to primarily boost the slow sales of diamonds, it goes deeper than that. If you ever need a motivation boost, you can remind yourself of your independence, strength, and hard-working personality with a ring you bought worn on your right hand.

3. Wedding Rings

One of the most beautiful and symbolic moments of the marriage ceremony is when the vows are exchanged and the couple says “With this ring, I thee wed”. Then the couple proceeds to exchange wedding bands.

The bride and groom wear these rings as a symbol of their life journey. Traditionally a wedding band is chosen where the design complements a woman’s engagement ring.

Wedding bands are worn as a declaration that two people are deeply committed and devoted to the sanctity of marriage. What makes them incredibly special is that wedding rings aren’t for fleeting moments but last a lifetime.

Wedding bands can be found in a wide price range. It can be a band set with gemstones or a metal band made of palladium, platinum, yellow gold, or white gold. The couple can either have different ring designs that showcase their individual personalities or can have matching rings.

4. Anniversary Band

In the 1970s, De Beers, the diamond company targeted married couples to market more diamonds. The company popularized the concept of gifting diamond eternity bands in celebration of marriage…yet another brilliant marketing campaign!

The design had a continuous set of smaller stones encircling either half or the entire band symbolizing one’s undying and endless love. Men usually prefer this type of ring to express their love to their beloved.

As another option, a signature gemstone for the anniversary year featured on a cocktail ring can be a magnificent choice. The GIA has a list of gemstones corresponding with wedding anniversary years that identifies a stone for every step of one’s marital journey.

These rings come in different shapes that symbolize love such as a heart. The ruby symbolizes a 40th anniversary, the sapphire for a 45th anniversary, and so on.

5. Dinner Party

Also known as cocktail rings, they are linked to the Prohibition and the Roaring Twenties in American history. Brilliant and bold pieces of jewelry such as cocktail rings, jeweled headbands, and bracelets were a symbol of rebellion in those days. These jewelry pieces were worn at bars, illicit parties, and residences where liquor was served.

Cocktail rings have a characteristic oversized look on the finger with striking and vivid designs. These rings are distinguished by a brilliant large center semi-precious or precious stone enveloped by accent stones.

They are absolutely exquisite and are still fashionable and trending today; they are statement pieces and not meant for the faint of heart!

Bottom Line

Given above are a few unique diamond rings that are classified based on various occasions. Go ahead and choose a ring that expresses your love for a loved one or to yourself.

Safety Tips

7 Effective Ways to Protect Your Credit Card Information





While credit cards are becoming popular rapidly, there is also a surge in credit card scams. According to the reports, In the last three months of 2019, credit card scams cost 19.7 crores, and the number of fraud cases was 6,117, which is pretty high!

Since online platforms are taking over, knowing and understanding that your information is always at risk is imperative. Especially when you are frequently using that information on different online platforms, there are high chances of them being stolen. There are chances of extreme monetary loss due to these kinds of scams.

Here are seven ways to protect your card information!

1. Do not share your credit card information with anyone

A credit card contains a unique number, the cardholder’s name, the expiry date, and a CVV. This information is required to complete a transaction using the best credit card in India. Do not share these details, especially CVV, with anyone. This is one of the basic yet essential steps of keeping your card safe.

2. Do not click on unauthorised website links or any other suspicious links

Receiving random links on social media sites has become a common occurrence recently. These links are clickbait to lure people into falling for the scammers. Generally, these links have catchy captions that grab attention quickly, and you might click on them out of curiosity. They allow scammers to access your information without your knowledge and commit scams. Also, many random websites ask for debit card or credit card information to access them, and scammers can easily steal your information. Remember not to share any card information on these sites.

3. Do not share any OTP with anyone

A One-Time Password, also known as an OTP, is a secret pin that comes to your registered mobile number after you put the information on any website for the transaction. This pin is required to complete any transaction, so if you received an OTP you have not requested, do not share that with anyone. There are many instances where the scammers ask for OTP over call, do not be gullible and share such information with them. Generally, scammers cannot process any transaction without an OTP.

4. Create Pins that are hard to crack

Do not create pins that are easy to guess. Use at least one capital letter, small letter, number, and special character. Do not use similar pins for all cards. Also, avoid using special dates like birthdays as your pin, which are easy to guess. This will help you to stay safe.

5. Keep changing your PIN frequently

Your pin is the simple and best way to secure your card. ATM PIN is a secret number that only you should know. No one can access your card without that pin, so keep changing your pin at least once a month to stay safe. Keeping the same pin for a long time can risk your privacy.

6. Identify Secured networks before making a payment

One way of identifying a secured network is that the website starts with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP.” This “s” in “HTTPS” signifies security. Also, the URL section will show as locked, and a little locked sign will appear at the beginning of the URL. This is one of the most common ways to identify a secured website.

Watch carefully before using your credit card on random websites. These websites are encrypted, so the data you enter remains protected through encryption and is hard to crack. Hackers can get your data for any monetary scam if the website is not encrypted.

7. Regularly check bank statements and update immediately in case of any dispute

Generally, we tend to ignore the statements sent by the banks. However, they are essential since they contain every little transaction detail. Check the bank statements carefully to notice if there is any suspicious transaction that happened that you are not aware of. The scammers can be clever, and these statements would be the best way to understand whether your credit card data is being used fraudulently.

In case of any dispute, contact the authorities immediately. Do not delay if you notice any discrepancy in your expenditure statement. Banks tend to help in such cases and reverse the payment.

Credit cards are convenient and easy for online transactions, and you must apply for the best credit cards in India as they would provide better support. However, stay alert and keep yourself updated about the scams.

You can easily avoid these by being slightly more careful.

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How to Choose the Right Sports Betting App for You





Are you wanting to get involved in sports betting? These days the first place someone might go to start betting would be online or even with a betting app. Getting involved is very simple, but of course, with so much choice can often come hard decisions. You could spend hours scrolling through google and the app store for different options but how do you actually know which one is the right one? If you need a bit of help, researching is the best place to start. This article will help you choose the sports betting app which is right for you.

Ask Around

If you have some friends or family members that are interested in sports betting, then you should be sure to ask them the different apps that they use. These recommendations will mean a lot as you are getting them from a reliable source. Not only that but if you log on to the app and you struggle with knowing exactly what it is you need to do in order to browse and place bets, you know who you can turn to and ask for more information.

Read Reviews

If you don’t have any friends or family that use sports betting apps then the next best option is to have a look at the different reviews that are being left by people online. People online will tend to say exactly what they think and as such, you know if there are negative opinions of apps then you will find them. Not only this but you can see specifically what a certain person doesn’t like about an app and assess whether or not this would be a deal breaker for you.

Be Sure the Site Offers What You Want

When it comes to looking at different websites, you should be sure that you have a clear image of what you want in your head, making it a lot more straightforward for you to work out whether or not the site you’re considering is right for you. This means if you want a sports betting site with good offers then look out for sites with free sports picks, if you want to place bets on more unusual sports then head over to a bookmakers, all of this is going to make it a lot more straightforward for you to decide how to move forward.

Do a Trial Run

You aren’t committed to whatever app you decide to use so why not give it a week for a trial run? In doing this, you can work out whether or not the app is right for you or whether you think it would be best to try out something different.


If you are considering getting into the world of sports betting, then you might currently find yourself a bit overwhelmed with choosing the website that is right for you. This is totally normal and as such, if you want some help with making the right decision then be sure to refer to the above.

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Are You Interested in What the Sports Industry Has to Offer?





Sports are one of the most important things in the world. Love for sports connects people and doing sports is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. It offers many different things that can be used in many ways.

The sports industry offers many things for people. It can be great for entertainment but also for work. This article will take a deep dive into how people can use NFL Week 3 odds and many other possibilities. You might even be surprised when you see how many opportunities there are.

A wide range of sports offer entertainment for absolutely anyone

If you have read any sports news online, you must have noticed that there are many different sports out there. Some sports have been played for centuries, whereas others are only a couple years old. This means that there are entertaining possibilities for absolutely anyone.

Regardless of what type of sport you are interested in, there are some options for you. This is why watching sports has become very popular amongst all kinds of people. The love for a specific sport can connect different people together, and many people have found great friends and even partners through their love for sports.

Who didn’t dream of becoming a star athlete?

Star athletes are incredibly famous all around the world. This makes sense because they have done a lot of work to gain their spot. Most of us have had our favorite star athletes even when we were very young. Furthermore, most people even dreamed of becoming star athletes when they were just kids.

Unfortunately, most people don’t become star athletes. It requires a great amount of work but also a bit of luck. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should have fun doing sports.

Doing sports is incredibly good for your mental and physical health. Since there are many options you can do, there must be a sport that will be fun for you to do. Nowadays starting a sport is also relatively easy. You can find teams and other people interested in the sport through the internet, so it will be very easy for you to begin.

Do you have a completely new idea?

Sure watching and doing sports are already great possibilities that the sports industry offers. These are not the only options, but there are many business opportunities as well. For example, if you have a completely new idea that you have never seen or heard about before, you can think about starting a start-up.

If you are dreaming of having your own start-up, you can learn about financing possibilities for start-ups. You can even find some opportunities that are only available for sports businesses. Therefore you have more options than in many other industries.

Sports stores can sell many things

Starting a start-up is not the only possibility there is if you are interested in starting a sports business. As you certainly must know, there are many retail stores that sell something sports-related.

Some of the most popular sports retailers sell either merch or equipment or both. If you are interested in starting your own sports retailer, you can start it small by selling products online. You can even start with your own selection if you have something you can sell. Then your company can slowly grow bigger with time.

Do you have a lot of knowledge about sports?

Last but not least regarding business opportunities in the sports industry there are different informative websites. For running a website like this, you only need information. There are many options such as bet tips sites, news sites, and other informative web pages.

Obviously, if you are interested in starting a site like this, you need to know for sure that your information is valid and usable. Then you can start your site. You can make some profit through the site by using marketing, which is nowadays a very common way to make a profit. This way, you don’t need to even ask your visitors to pay anything, and you can provide free information for them.

The sports industry offers possibilities for both work and fun

All in all, it’s fantastic that there are so many different possibilities in the sports industry. It can be used in so many different ways, that you can be sure that there is a great opportunity also for you.

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