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5 Things to Check While Buying New Headphones




A study from Nielsen Music showed that 90% of the population loves to listen to music, with average listening hours of 32 hours per week. So, it is safe to say that humans love music (more than people sometimes). And for listening to good music, a good pair of headphones is a must. It should not only look good in appearance but also provide good sound quality.

A good headphone is like an investment that gives you good returns every day. So, it’s very important to check where you are investing in it.

Many times, customers order earphones after seeking a few referrals, without actually putting in the effort to research on their own.

The results work perfectly for a few days but then start becoming a disappointment. And now, it’s way past the returning date. So, you are stuck with a headphone that doesn’t work properly at the expense of your own money!

In order to avoid these kinds of situations, it is advised to check a few things while buying a new headphone. Take a look below to know what they are.

1. Type

There are 3 types of headphones in the market currently: In-ears. On-ears and over-ears. The in-ear headphones have a great sound quality and they come in very handy. The only problem with them is they do not last long and might hurt your ears if worn for a longer duration.

The on-ear headphones are comparatively comfortable but they do not have proper sound isolation, which means the other person will be able to hear what song is playing in your headphones

The over-earphones are probably the best ones in the market. They are comfortable to wear, go for long hours, have great sound quality, and don’t hurt the ears. But they are also very big, bulky which makes them prone to breakage.

2. Noise cancellation

Most headphones these days have introduced a noise cancellation feature. This feature helps the outdoor noise to get completely shut, allowing the user to enjoy the music without any interruption.

It’s a totally different level of experience that not only helps to set the mood but also allows you to focus during your gym sessions etc. If this feature is one of your top priorities, then you must check out Addicted to Audio headphones.

3. Sound

If you thought that sound quality can only be checked after purchasing it, then you are wrong. Depending on your likings, you can check the sound quality by the product description mentioned under the product.

Sensitivity specifies how loud the earphones can get. Most headphones are around 110db/MW which is a great deal, but any headphones below 85db/MW should be strictly discarded.

4. Battery

If you have used wired earphones all your life, shifting to headphones might be a little weird. Wireless headphones work great for a few hours but they also need to be charged every few hours.

Of course, that might not be suitable for some people, so it is advised to go for brands that give good battery life and take less time for charging up again.

You can connect it to a charger for listening, but then it won’t be a “wireless” headphone.

5. Controls and pairing

In wired headphones, there is a system of controlling sounds and other features through physical buttons. But in wired headphones, there are controls on the earpiece which works just by a touch.

There is also a system to connect to other devices via Bluetooth. So, while checking out, don’t miss to look for these details.

6. Impedance

Impedance is the power required by headphones to work smoothly. Mobile devices have enough power to deliver the capacity needed by the headphones to work.

If the impedance is low, that means the headphones are working perfectly and using less power to deliver great sound. Whereas if the power requirement is high, they might not be able to deliver good results.

7. Design and comfort

A headphone that is working great for a person might not work the same for you. The main reason behind this is the shape of ears, which is not identical for any two human beings.

So, if you are physically purchasing headphones, do try them out to see how it fits. Or if you are shopping online, try to go for the smaller ones. They do not slip off easily.

Over to you…

Bet you never thought these technicalities could be associated with buying headphones. But now that you do, invest your money in a good product and enjoy the sweet world of music.

Buying Tips

Why Shopping Local Matters More Than Ever





In a globalized world, where massive e-commerce platforms and international conglomerates often overshadow small businesses, shopping local has gained new significance. As we grapple with the implications of a rapidly changing economic landscape, supporting local enterprises is not just a choice—it’s a crucial commitment. Here’s why shopping local matters now more than ever.

1. Economic Resilience

Local businesses, like Pink Lagoon, form the backbone of many communities. By shopping local, you ensure that money stays within the community, fostering economic resilience. According to studies, local businesses recirculate a significant portion of their revenue back into the local economy, whereas national chains siphon it off to other locations.

2. Supporting Community Identity

Local businesses offer products and services that reflect the community’s taste, culture, and values. They provide a unique character to towns and cities, setting them apart from places dominated by generic chain stores. By supporting these businesses, we help preserve the distinctive identity of our communities.

3. Job Creation

Small businesses are among the largest employers in many communities. By choosing to shop local, you directly support job creation in your area, ensuring that families have stable incomes and young professionals have opportunities to grow.

4. Personalized Service

Local businesses often provide a level of personalized service that large retailers can’t match. Shopkeepers get to know their regulars, offering product recommendations tailored to individual preferences. This personal touch, built on relationships and trust, enhances the shopping experience.

5. Environmental Sustainability

Local shopping means reduced transportation requirements. With fewer goods being shipped across long distances, there’s a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Moreover, many local businesses prioritize sustainable practices, sourcing locally-produced goods and minimizing wastage.

6. Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Supporting local businesses fosters an environment conducive to entrepreneurship. Aspiring entrepreneurs are more likely to take the plunge when they see a community that supports local ventures. This spirit of entrepreneurship is vital for innovation and future economic growth.

7. Community Well-being

Local businesses often contribute more to local causes, whether it’s sponsoring a little league team, supporting school events, or collaborating with local charities. By shopping local, you indirectly support these community-building endeavors.

8. Enhanced Choices

Local businesses often curate a diverse range of products, reflecting the tastes and needs of the community. This diversity ensures consumers have a wider array of choices, as opposed to the standardized stock found in larger chain stores.

9. Strengthening Community Ties

Shopping local fosters interactions among community members. Local stores become places where neighbors meet, share news, and connect, strengthening community bonds.

10. Responding to Global Challenges

Recent global challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic, have underscored the importance of local supply chains. When international supply chains faced disruptions, it was the local businesses that often stepped up, adapting quickly to changing circumstances and ensuring communities had essential supplies.

11. Safeguarding the Future

Local businesses often face significant challenges, from high rents to competition from e-commerce giants. By choosing to shop local today, we ensure that these businesses continue to thrive in the future, preserving the vibrancy and diversity of our communities.

12. Authentic Experiences

Lastly, local businesses provide authentic shopping experiences. Whether it’s a handmade craft, a local delicacy, or a service rooted in local traditions, shopping local offers a genuineness that’s hard to replicate elsewhere.

In an era where convenience often drives consumption, taking a moment to choose local can make a world of difference. The resurgence of interest in shopping local isn’t just a passing trend—it’s a recognition of the invaluable role local businesses play in shaping our communities, both economically and culturally.

Now, more than ever, as we navigate the challenges of a globalized world, the act of shopping local becomes a statement—one of commitment to community, sustainability, and a shared future. Each purchase, no matter how small, contributes to a larger narrative, reminding us that true prosperity lies in the collective well-being of our local communities.

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Buying Tips

What Are the Essentials for a Dab Rig Kit?





A dab rig allows you to inhale cannabis vapor, which contains all the psychoactive ingredients found in cannabis, without any of the adverse effects of smoking, such as irritation.

To vaporize cannabis concentrates, you’ll need a dab rig kit. Here’s what you’ll typically find in these kits.

Choose the right dab rig

Before we go any further, you should know that there are different types of dab rigs. You can find traditional rigs that use a borosilicate glass construction. These rigs are similar to water bubblers, but they’re more convenient, and you can find portable mini dab rigs.

Some people prefer electronic dab rigs. These devices are similar to vaping pens. While electronic rigs heat up faster, many users prefer the flavor and vapor quantity they can achieve with a traditional glass rig.

What are the main elements of a dab rig kit?

Here’s what you’ll typically find in a dab rig kit.

Smoking device

The smoking device is the main element of the rig. It’s a glass piece that looks like a bubbler. It typically features a chamber where the cannabis vapor can build up and include a pipe element you can use to smoke.

Nail or banger nail

The nail is the element that heats up. It uses quartz, ceramic, or another material that can withstand high temperatures without cracking.

You can heat the banger nail to a temperature of 500 to 700°F. Opting for a lower temperature can enhance the flavor and preserve the THC compounds, but you shouldn’t go lower to avoid wasting cannabis concentrate.


Bute-powered torches are the most popular devices for heating the nail or banger nail. Butane burns clean, and these torches can instantly reach a temperature of 2,000°F. They’re easy to use and quickly bring the nail to the desired temperature.


If you have an electronic dab rig, the device will include a built-in e-nail. This element uses a highly conductive material to heat up quickly as electricity goes through it. The electricity comes from a battery that you’ll have to recharge. It’s similar to the way THC vape pens work.

If you use an electronic device, you won’t need a butane torch to heat the nail.

Carb cap

The carb cap is an element you place over the nail as it vaporizes the concentrate. The purpose is to create a small chamber where heat and air pressure can build up. It helps you vaporize the concentrate more effectively. The carb cap also allows you to adjust the airflow.

Dabbing tools

You can typically purchase cannabis concentrate in quantities of 0.5 or 1 gram. Since the THC concentration can be as high as 80%, you only need a small amount when dabbing.

Use dabbing tools to handle cannabis concentrate while limiting waste. Paddles and scoops are great for products with a crumbly texture, but you can use hooks and picks for sticky substances. You may want to use small silicone containers to store the concentrates.

Wrap up

Investing in a dab rig kit is a great way to start with concentrates. When comparing different products, ensure these kits include all the essentials mentioned.

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Buying Tips

The 7 Best Benefits of Shopping Wholesale for Clothes





Whether you want to open up a new boutique or update your wardrobe, shopping for clothes wholesale boasts many benefits over buying clothes from other outlets.

Bulk orders

Easily one of the most significant benefits of purchasing wholesale clothing is bulk orders. Ordering your garments from a wholesale store means that you can buy the product in bulk. Bulk ordering is helpful because it means you get a discount on the shipping. After all, you aren’t ordering small quantities from several different places.

Wholesale companies offer benefits to those that take advantage of buying wholesale blank apparel in bulk.


While high quality might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wholesale clothing, the clothes should maintain a level of quality.

Wholesale clothing goes straight from the manufacturer to your business or home. This means that clothes are not handled by as many people, and they are not being moved around as much. This lack of handling means that clothes have fewer opportunities to see wear and tear.

Access to trend cycles

As you probably already know, fashion goes through trend cycles like most other media types. A particular style or pattern is in one minute, just to be quickly replaced.

One benefit of wholesale clothing is that they are savvy to current trends and manufacturers’ production. Manufacturers following trends means you will have more direct access to what is in and can choose what to buy accordingly.


The lower price of wholesale clothes is one of the biggest draws for most people. Buying clothes directly from a wholesaler lowers costs by cutting the middleman and having fewer people to pay for labor.

Wholesale retailers also want to avoid leftover products, so many will offer sales if you finish off a certain amount of stock.

Saves trips

Another benefit of shopping for clothes wholesale is that it saves trips. Instead of shopping at multiple trade shows, online stores, and boutiques, you can get all your clothing from one location.

Saving money on gas and time on shopping allows you to spend your time and money more wisely.


Wholesale clothing stores offer a wide variety of clothing colors and styles. These stores are less specialized, meaning you can pick out clothes from many different options.

Helping business owners scale

The last significant benefit of buying clothes wholesale is that it will help business owners to grow their businesses. Suppose you are interested in expanding your business or opening an additional store. In that case, wholesale outlets allow you to stock up on this new space quickly and within budget.

Even if you do not always choose to buy through wholesale stores, doing so to fill space quickly will have your boutique feeling more lively in no time.

Before you go

In the end, wholesale stores are a great way to buy clothes in bulk. Whether you want to fill up some space for your business or just want cheap clothes to expand your wardrobe, wholesale clothing stores have you covered.

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