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40 Best Survival Blogs in 2021



Survival Blogs

We should spend some time outdoors every once in a while to refresh ourselves. Not only it is very refreshing but this way you can get a chance to take a break from the hustle-bustle of the city life and hectic work routines!

If you are reading this blog, you are probably one of those people who love adventure! However, before you head out, you must do your research well! You will be able to have the most fun if you know all the information about where you are going and what kind of resources you need to get to your destination.

There are many places to find information about survival, such as survival blogs! However, if you want to start your survival blog, then you can use the online blog name generators for that.

What Is Survival Blog?

Survival blogs contain all the information that you need about preparing yourself for your next outdoor adventure. No matter what the situation is and how short the time is for preparation, you can always refer to the best survival blog on the internet to gain all the skills needed to survive in nature.

Are you are an outdoors enthusiast who likes to read survival-related topics?  Then the survival blog niche is terrific for you!

The following things are discussed in detail in survival blogs on the internet:

 1. Water purification

 2. Safety measures

 3. Storage of food

 4. Fuel supplies and energy resources

 5. Other necessary survival skills

List of 40 Amazing Survival Blogs for Preppers

1. The Organic Prepper

This survival blog is by Daisy Luther. She has described all her nature and survival-related experiences in this blog. Her goal is to share beneficial information and advice to the people who read her blog.

2. Survival Cache

Survival Cache is providing survival-related services to its readers around the world. You will find all the relevant information and survival Strategies and the survival weapons that you need to make yourself prepared in nature on this blog.

3. Survival Blog

On this blog, you will find a community of people who are interested in survival in nature and want to be a part of something great on the internet through survival blogging.

4. Ask a Prepper

This survival blog is the wikiHow of Survival tactics that you will find on the internet. They have the best “how-to” articles related to survival in nature and guidance for the preparation of Survival gear. Their goal is to prepare, survive, and thrive!

5. Prepper Website

Prepper Website is the website that you should run to if you are interested in survival blogs and articles related to it! They also have podcasts on their website that you can watch to gain more information about preparing yourself and live a free life in nature.

6. OFFGRID Survival

If you look forward to becoming more self-reliant when you are out there in nature, then you should check out OFFGRID Survival. They will teach you how to survive in a harsh situation and prepare yourself.

7. Prepared Survivalist

Do you crave the wildlife? Find anything to read about survival and prepare yourself to survive in nature then. The Prepared Survivalist is the place for you! If you are a beginner who does not know survival, then you can become an expert through this survival blog.

8. Bunker Basics

If you want to find out more information about the irresponsible behavior of the people in survival, then you can check out the articles of Bunker Basics in this regard. They also conduct interviews with the people in their community.

9. SHTF Preparedness

In this blog, you can find out more information about emergency survival and preparing yourself for the nature adventure is out there. If you want to learn more about the practical aspects of survival, then this is the right place for you!

10. TruePrepper

It is your complete and comprehensive resource guide regarding the risk analysis of survival in nature. They offer an excellent guide to prepare yourself and which survival gear you should purchase next for your adventures.

11. The Prepared

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and looking forward to finding out information about security and backup fuel supplies, then this is the place for you! This blog contains all the guides and reviews.

12. Modern Survival Blog

If you want a practical guide about staying prepared when you are in nature, then this is going to be your excellent guide about sustainable living and an urban survival blog.

13. Survival Life

It is your one-stop solution if you are looking for preparing solutions to survive in nature. From water purification to backup fuel supplies will get all information here.

14. SHTF Blog

This blog has been available on the internet for many years now. The main goal of this survival blog is to bring back all the survival skills and techniques for the campers out there!

15. Off The Grid News

It is the weekly email newsletter that you can subscribe to if you want studies about living and of a grid lifestyle. Is completely different from the survival guides of mainstream media

16. Imminent Threat Solutions

If you check out this survival blog, then you will be empowered enough to develop a skill set to survive in the harsh environment of nature. It is your one-stop survival blog on the internet.

17. Survivopedia

After reading the survivor below, you will be able to feel much more self-reliant that you can put food on the table even if you are in an outdoors environment of nature.

18. Blue Collar Prepping

If you want to be prepared in case of any disaster is related to your outdoor adventures, then this is the place for you. You can prepare yourself and learn about survival skills.

19. Ready Lifestyle

This blog will equip you enough with all the information so that you can protect yourself and your family and your next outdoor adventure in nature!


This website is equipped with all the knowledge of the preparation of the tools and equipment so that you can save yourself and your family from a disaster situation.

21. The Simple Prepper

If you are a beginner, then this is the perfect survival blog for you on the internet. You can find emergency survival preparation kids on this website easily.

22. Survival Sullivan

On the survival below, you will find high-quality information and articles about preparation for your outdoor enthusiast’s nature. You can learn patience and self-reliance from here!

23. Survival Frog

Survival Frog is the biggest source of information about survival products on the internet. If you are curious about protecting your family with complete survival gear, then this is the place for you!

24. Preppers Survive

This website is all about collecting emergency supplies and knowing how to use them in a disastrous situation.

25. Prepper’s Will

It is a survival blog that was started by a group of friends and family to help people out there!

26. Survival Jack

You can find all the knowledge about being prepared in advance for survival over here.

27. The Survival Mom

The survival blog was launched ten years ago. Now, this blog is a huge success and contains all the advice and information about survival.

28. Backdoor Survival

This blog contains all the information about the developing economy and the impact it has on middle-class people. It further includes knowledge about becoming a prepper.

29. Apartment Prepper

This blog was created for those people who want to be more self-reliant when it comes to survival in the apartments of big cities. You can learn how to have more control over your apartment through this blog.

30. Prepper Fortress

The survival blog has all the topics related to survival in an economic collapse and other similar types of situations. Head over to this website right now to find out more information about gardening as well.

31. The Prepper Journal

The Prepper Journal blog contains numerous self-reliance and defense topics for its readers. If you are a reader of this journal article, then you can protect yourself in any disastrous situation.

32. All Self-Sustained

If you are a fan of self-defense and survival, then this is the place for you!

33. The Survivalist Blog

It is one of the oldest surviving blogs for highly experienced nature enthusiasts.

34. More Than Just Surviving

This blog focuses on survival in the wilderness and survival gear.

35. Doom and Bloom

The survival blog is going to teach you how to become more self-reliant in a disaster situation.

36. The Doomsday Moose

The survival blog contains information about surviving upcoming apocalypses.

37. Modern Survival Online

You will find all the information about survival from an expert’s perspective on this blog.

38. Surviving Prepper

This blog contains information about developing a skill that is related to survival.

39. Preparedness Mama

It contains information about food storage and frugal living in disaster situations.

40. Bio Prepper

This survival blog contains practical advice about natural remedies and survival during difficult situations.

Final Words

Suppose you are an outdoor enthusiast who is looking forward to enhancing their survival skills and techniques. In that case, you can find out information from the above-mentioned blogs. These 40 blogs are the cream of the crop for outdoor enthusiasts!


How PayPal Are Helping to Tackle Problem Gambling





Users of PayPal are used to some of PayPal’s measures to keep their purchases safe and secure, but not all are aware that they can help with protecting your spending in other ways too. Earlier this year the international payment processor introduced GamBan. The idea behind the software is to give users in the US and the UK the option to be able to stop gambling transactions on their smart devices.

The Protection of Gamblers

Both the UK and the US take gambling seriously, especially in regard to the protection of vulnerable gamblers. Taking part in games at online casinos and placing sports bets is something that should always be fun, however, for some, it can become an issue. Spending more than you can afford to on betting or having it take up a majority of your day is not something that anyone would encourage. Online gambling platforms are encouraged to look for signs that people might be gambling irresponsibly and to take steps on their platforms to ensure that they promote responsible gambling wherever possible. There are different ways that companies can work with their users to help protect them, but the introduction of software such as GamBan is a great idea too.

What is GamBan?

Available on laptops, PCs and smart devices GamBan is a piece of software that is designed to stop those that have signed up from accessing online gambling platforms. The software is able to stop browser access via devices as well as casino apps on smartphones on both iOS and Android.

GamBan itself is not new; in fact, it has been around since 2015. It now works in conjunction with GamStop in the UK. GamStop is a non-profit charity that helps to tackle gambling problems throughout the UK. In general, GamBan is a pay-for-service, with options to pay either monthly or annually. However, those that are accessing GamStop services for help within the UK with problem gambling are able to get free access.

The software itself is intuitive in knowing what websites and apps it should block access to. It works on a filter system of keywords, so if there are any words relating to betting, gambling and/or casinos then access to the platform is automatically blocked. On top of that those that are signed up to the software can add any links, they want manually, so if there are websites they know they would like banned they can do this too. GamBan also has its own list of websites and casino providers that are automatically blocked by the software. The hope is that people who are problem gamblers won’t be able to play at a PayPal casino if they have GamBan installed on their computers and/or smartphones.

What Part Does PayPal Play in This?

With gambling on the increase in the UK and the US PayPal has decided that it is time to take action and do what it can to help gamblers in the two countries. With payment options varied across these online casino platforms, many of them now offer PayPal as a payment option; which could be what has driven PayPal to get involved.

PayPal recently launched a new exclusion tool which allows users in the UK and the US to use the optional blocking feature – meaning that payments to gambling platforms would simply be denied.  Currently, anyone with a PayPal account in either of these countries can opt to have the software added to their PayPal account.

Once the software is in place all payments to online casinos, sports betting websites, lotteries and any other gambling category will be banned from that PayPal account. It is thought that preventing easy access to gambling websites and making it hard for payments to be made will help to reduce the chances of people taking part in gambling that they really should not do.

How Does The Gambling Industry Feel?

The gambling industry in general is used to organisations such as the UK Gambling Commission putting measures in place to make gambling harder for groups of people. There is a Government whitepaper that has been in the works since 2020 which looks set to discuss things like gambling VIP schemes and sporting event sponsorships, which could make things even harder for some users. The whitepaper is designed to stop the encouragement of betting for those that can’t afford it – for example by removing schemes where people can get access to better games if they spend a certain amount on a platform.

Although the gambling industry obviously benefits from users spending as much on gambling as possible, none of them wants to see problem gambling hitting the headlines. After all, it is important for people new to online gambling to feel safe and not as though they are being dragged into a hobby that is going to cause them issues later down the line. By promoting responsible gambling and encouraging the use of these tools they are helping give users peace of mind that stepping away from gambling will be easy if they ever need to in the future.

The Future of Gambling Tools

Both the UK and the US already have a number of tools available to those that want to make gambling harder for themselves to access. GamBan is available on a number of payment provider platforms including PayPal and Neteller. There are also various online and offline support services that are already in place for those that feel they need to access some support for problem gambling. Although no one can say for sure what tools the gambling industry is likely to see in the future when you consider what is already in place it is easy to see that there are already plenty of support services in place for those that need them. The gambling industry is likely to continue to embrace these and you may even see similar tools rolled out to other countries as the problem of vulnerable gamblers is tackled worldwide.

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Home Improvement

Tips for Hiring Plumbers in St. Petersburg, FL





Plumbing problems can be more expensive than you may realize. The Environmental Protection Association (EPA) has stated that a dripping leak can waste around 3,000 gallons a year if a drip falls once every second. Water waste on that scale is not just horrible for the environment, but also horrible for your wallet. 

The best plumbers in St Petersburg FL offers can help you fix plumbing problems before they become overwhelming. How can you find such a plumber? Read on to learn some tips. 

Search for a Plumbing Service before a Problem Happens 

It’s not a good idea to search for a plumber while you’re having a plumbing emergency. You’ll likely be very frantic and impatient. This can lead you to overlook many red flags and just hire any plumber you can. 

In the best-case scenario, the plumber will be highly skilled and you’ll get satisfactory work at a fair price. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to deal with the consequences of suboptimal plumbing solutions. The plumber you hired may also charge you way too much for these poor services. 

It’s best not to leave hiring a plumber up to chance. Start looking for great plumbing services as soon as you move to a new area. You can probably at least use a few minutes a day as you’re getting settled to search. 

Ask Other Locals about Plumbing Services They’ve Used 

Searching for the right plumbing maintenance service on your favorite search engine can get overwhelming. You’ll find so many results. Then you’ll have to look through the details of all of them. 

A better way to start is to ask other locals for plumbing service recommendations. You should talk to locals that you know and trust first. Then you can reach out and ask locals that you don’t know about their experiences. 

Social network subgroups based on your local area can help you connect to them. Post a question where you’re asking for local plumber recommendations and you should get a few answers. Just keep in mind that an employee at a local plumbing business could recommend his or her services. 

Look for Information about the Licenses of Plumbers

Once you get to a local plumber maintenance company’s website, look for information about licenses first. You should find this information on the profiles of the various employees. If not, you can call the company’s customer service and ask for this information. 

If none of the plumbers at the business have licenses, run. You may also want to call and complain to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. It’s not legal to do plumbing work without a license in Florida. 

Even if it was legal to run a plumbing business without a license, you would want to choose a licensed plumber over a non-licensed one. Plumbers have to go through extensive exams, meet strict requirements, etc. to get a license. If a plumber is licensed, you can be certain that he or she provides excellent plumbing services. 

Learn if Each Plumbing Solutions Company has Insurance and Guarantees

Even expert plumbers often make mistakes. This is not the end of the world as the best plumbing services will compensate you for any trouble. 

Lower-quality plumbing services, however, are less likely to compensate you should any of their employees make a mistake. This doesn’t necessarily happen because they want to scam you. Sometimes the company just isn’t well-equipped enough to provide for you. 

How do you know if you’ll get compensated should a mistake occur? One way to know is to find out if the company has insurance. If it does, its insurance can likely provide them the means to return the cost of your service and/or pay for the damage. 

A plumbing company should be even more appealing to you if it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or something similar. This proves that it doesn’t just trust its services, but also that it cares about its customers’ levels of satisfaction. 

Find Out How Long the Plumbing Business has Been in the Local Area

Employees of plumbing services need to have plenty of years of experience. However, you should also learn how long a plumbing company has been in the local area. This can give you a lot of useful information. 

To start with, a company that has been around for decades, you can assume it’s been satisfying its customers. Customers who haven’t been satisfied with a business likely won’t work with that business again and won’t recommend that service to others. This should lead to that business failing before too long. 

Beyond that, decades of experience in a local area directly translates to decades worth of knowledge about that particular area. You might not think that this is important. However, knowing about the features of an area can be useful for a plumbing company. 

For example, a lot of the homes in the area likely have similar construction materials in their structures. This extends to plumbing pipes as well. By knowing what kinds of pipes your home will likely have, the plumbers should be able to guess what repair supplies are best to have on hand. 

Get the Best Plumber in St. Pete Offers through Our Services

Just remember that the whole thing is a trade-off. You can put in the work to find the best plumber in St. Pete now or you can work hard later when there’s a problem. You’ll probably also pay more in the latter situation as your home has probably experienced some damage

When you need plumbing services in St. Pete, FL, consider using our company.  We’ve been offering plumbing services to St Petersburg, FL, and the surrounding area for other 15 years. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us now through one of these methods to get a free consultation.

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Kids’ Nail Art Ideas: 7 Creative and Colorful Baby Blue Designs





Fashionistas nowadays are fond of nail art designs. Nail art is popular among those who enjoy using vibrant colors or new, fashionable fashion trends.

Consequently, nail art trends are also getting popular among kids. You know how much little girls adore glitter, bright colors, and lovely sparkles. Social media may have contributed to millennial kids’ desire to get their nails done.

So, now you know that fancy nail artworks are not just for adults. However, you can use toxic-free nail paints to create kid-friendly nail art. Their nails can be painted in vivid hues or eye-catching patterns to help them feel self-assured.

This post has rounded up some of the most colorful and creative nail designs to create using baby blue color.

1. Floral Nail Art

Everyone loves flowers, including adults and children. Flowers are nature’s primary means of expressing joy. On children’s nails, a floral pattern design looks terrific. So, you may create any lovely manicure design by adding flowers over a light-colored base coat of nail polish like blue. You could easily achieve a flowery pattern with its tiny leaves and create adorable nail art.

Apply a base coat, preferably a lighter color, like sky blue. Next, design flowers keeping two colors in mind. Use one deep pink in this instance to make a little circle. Apply the lighter shade once the pink is dry to create the remaining few petals, giving an appearance of light and shadow. Add two leaves at each flower’s end by drawing them with dark and light green nail paint. Finally, apply a clear base coat once the nail design has dried to get a glossy finish.

You can get these colors from a reliable and reputed nail kit provider. Such brands have various colors to choose from, including baby blue nails. Moreover, such colors are kid–friendly and offer a long-lasting clean look.

2. Rainbow Nail Art

Children adore the rainbow that appears after a rainstorm. Those seven brilliant colors lift the child’s soul. A fantastic way to explore colors is to incorporate them into nail art. Children wearing casual clothing stand out because of the rainbow’s seven colors. You can create the cutest manicure design by adding some cloud motifs with faces. You can easily create this simple nail design by following a few simple steps.

Apply a light blue base layer of nail paint. Next, add rainbow strips in seven hues to your kid’s middle and ring fingers. Include more fun on the ring finger. With white nail polish, make a cloud and give those cloud eyes with black nail paint and a grin with red nail polish. You can also make tiny clouds with other fingers as well.

3. Zebra Stripes Nail Art

The animal stripe pattern has always been a trendy fashion statement, and animal stripes are a perennial favorite for clothing and luggage. Animal-loving children cannot wait to show off their vibrant animal-stripe nails. This nail art doesn’t just keep to the standard base coat of white or blue with stripes; it plays around with unusual colors like purple, pink, etc. Even adding a few glittery nail paints enhances the beauty of the design.

Start by applying the first coat of blue nail color. Draw fine stripes with a fine brush after letting it dry. Finally, finish off the nail art by applying the final layer of the top coat.

4. Polka Dot Nail Art

The world’s most classic fashion statement is polka dots. They make a terrific accent to a style statement when used as nail art while giving the outfit an immediate trendy and funky vibe. Kids adore wearing polka-dot skirts and dresses, and this is an excellent method to make nail art that matches their attire.

Apply the base coat using blue nail polish. Then, with the help of a toothpick, add tiny white polka dots. Finally, apply the top coat polish to it after it has to get a smooth finish.

5. Panda Nail Art

Panda-themed nails are ideal for providing your child with the Kung Fu Panda experience. You can achieve this by following these steps:

  • Paint the base blue and let it dry
  • Use the brush to paint the white panda face on the tip of the nail
  • Use black paint to draw the lips, ears, and eyes.

For a flawless finish, add a coat of clear nail polish.

6. Beachy Nail Art

Try this cute nail art to complement your child’s beach-day outfit. First, painted their nails in baby blue to symbolize various beach elements, such as blue for the ocean and brown for the sand. Complete it by drawing horizontal lines that resemble white, black, and brown waves with a nail art brush.

7. Delicate Nail Art

Despite its simple design, this nail art is stylish and beautiful. Start with painting your kid’s nails with blue nail paint and let it dry. Draw the branches on the nails using a fine nail brush dipped in white nail paint. Also, draw circles on its branches to symbolize the fruits using a medium-sized dotting tool coated in brown and yellow paint. Finally, apply a translucent coat to complete it.


Kids like having their nails painted in lovely hues and patterns like adults. You may choose a stunning kid’s nail art design from the many options mentioned above. However, remember to choose a design that is simple to execute and will fit your child’s short nails with ease. For the safety of your children, use water-based, non-toxic nail paint. Encourage your youngster to experiment with easy nail designs like polka dots or stars.

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