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My Dress-up Darling is an anime series written and illustrated by Shinichi Fukuda. It is a Japanese manga series that began in January 2018 and was published in Square Enix’s Young Gangan.

It is one of the most liked anime series in Funimation. If you are an anime lover and like to watch light-hearted and entertaining series, then you surely will love My Dress-Up Darling. You can also download this series of Funimation for offline viewing by using the KeepStreams Funimation downloader.

Details of My Dress-Up Darling:

Date of Release January 19, 2018 – present
Genre Romantic, comedy
Written by Shinichi Fukuda (manga) (8 episodes, 2022) Yoriko Tomita    (screenplay) (8 episodes, 2022)
Directed by Keisuke Shinohara
Episodes 8
Characters Wakana Gojo, Marin Kitagawa, Sajuna Inui,  Sugaya Nowa

My Dress-Up Darling Ratings:

My AnimeList8.33

The plot of the series:

Wakana Gojou is a high school student who crafts traditional Japanese dolls called Hina Dolls. Wakana wishes to someday make the finest handmade Hina Dolls like his grandfather, but in the meantime, he is perfectly content with spending his days focusing on only perfecting the skill he has inherited from past generations of Gosho families. All of Wakana’s other classmates are busy with pop culture; Wakana finds his happiness in sewing dresses doe his dolls. However, he always tries to keep his sewing hobby and passion a secret because he thinks that other school students will mock him if his secret is revealed.

Later, he meets Marin Kitagawa, a pretty young lady who is confident, extraordinary, and is always surrounded by her peers. Being the opposite of each other’s personalities, Wakana and Kitagawa get together when Kitagawa finds out about Wakana’s expertise in sewing and confesses her own secret of cosplay and asks him to help her out because her sewing skills are despicable.

Episode 1: Someone Who Lives in the Exact Opposite World as Me:

Wakana Gojo is an under-confident and insecure high school student who is passionate about creating Hina dolls and wants to be a skilled Hina doll artist by following the footsteps of his grandfather. He has devoted himself to his passion and lives isolated socially at school.

One day Gojo meets a remarkable, confident, and friendly girl named Marin Kitagawa, who is also very popular in school. Gojo used to stay behind in school after classes to clean up his classroom. One day Gojo’s classmates convince him to help them with finishing their schoolwork, and Gojo accepts it politely. To which Kitagawa explains to him that he’s being getting exploited and should take better care of himself and his feelings.

One night, as Gojo was sewing using his old machine, he stopped working, to which he decided to use the machine that is present in the school’s home economics classroom. The next day, while Gojo was sewing in school, Kitagawa confronts him and admires his sewing and tailoring skills. And confess her cosplay hobbies with him and shows him her video game character outfit. Kitagawa asks Gojo to help create outfits for her cosplays, to which Gojo agrees.

Episode 2: Wanna Hurry Up and Do It?:

As Kitagawa lays down the rules of her games, Gojo questions why she plays such a game. Kitagawa swiftly explains to him that one’s gender doesn’t come into play when there’s someone who enjoys doing something like cosplay. Gojo agrees with her and shows interest in working with her. Kitagawa handles Gojo the instruction booklet on how to make cosplay outfits. Nextday, Kitagawa shows up at Gojo’s shop for him to take her measurements; Gojo measures her professionally by keeping his thoughts at bay. Later at night, Gojo plays the video game to understand the outfit better.

Episode 3: Then Why Don’t We?:

The night before school, Gojo dreamt about Kitagawa on her Shizuku-tan outfit. When he woke up, he felt awkward about what had happened. At school, Gojo tries to put some distance between himself and Kitagawa because he prefers not to be with her and doesn’t want others finding out how he really feels and hurting Kitagawa’s feelings in the process of doing this. To make things worse, it seems a couple of his classmates may have caught on, so Gojo tries his best to avoid Kitagawa for the rest of the day. Kitagawa finds Gojo at the entrance gate and tells him not to leave because they still need to go shopping for the material needed for her costume. Students nearby listen to this conversation, sharing glances with each other, thinking that they were making plans together. Gojo quickly reacts, trying to avoid some rumors about them, and hides behind the wall. And when Kitagawa asks him what’s wrong, he tells her that he doesn’t want to tarnish her image by getting seeing with her. She grabs him by hand and asks him to come with her to go shopping. 

Gojo shows Kitagawa his detailed study of the catalog of Shizuku-tan’s multiple accessories, explaining what materials will be needed and where to buy them. With his help, Kitagawa gets everything she needs for the outfit. Seeing that she is pumped up and excited, Gojo felt glad that he could help. ON their way back home, Kitagawa tells Gojo that there’s a cosplaying event due in 2 weeks, to which Gojo gets worried, realizing how little time he has.

Episode 4: Does These Belong to Your Girlfriend?

Being aware of the fact that the cosplay event is due in two weeks, Gojo becomes bothered as he estimates that it would take him longer to create an outfit for a person than it would for a Hina doll. He puts down the shopping bag containing Kitagawa’s clothes, and upon seeing them, his grandfather falls unconscious. Gojo takes him to the hospital, where he meets with his cousin Miori.

The next day in school, Gojo explains to Kitagawa about what happened with his grandfather, and they exchange phone numbers for emergencies.

Having spent the last couple of days unable to work on his outfit for Kitagawa, Gojo begins to worry even more. He has not answered any of her calls or texts, and she worries about his well-being. While he is exhausted and sleep-deprived, he remembers what his grandfather used to say and realizes that seeing customers happy is enough to say that his hard work has paid off.

Gojo tells her she can now attend the event. She explained to him that she was planning to wear the outfit once it was ready, as she didn’t know how long it would take. She recalled having multiple cosplay events each week and was not planning on attending that day in particular.

Episode 5: It’s Probably Because This Is the Best Boob Bag Here:

Kitagawa wore the Shizuku-tan outfit and asked Gojo to take some pictures of her to upload on social media. She was so pleased with the outfit results that she decided to go to the cosplaying event and asked Gojo to come with her. When they reach the event, Kitagawa gets excited to see so many fellow cosplayers, whereas Gojo felt uncomfortable as he came dressed normally for this kind of event. Seeing Kitagawa happy and realizing that he fulfilled his promise, he thinks that he most likely won’t be able to hang out with her again; Gojo reminisces on how the day was one of his fondest memories spent with Kitagawa and how much he enjoyed his time with her.

On their way back on the train, Kitagawa thanked Gojo again and asked him what costume we should do for the next event, and listening to that, Gojo got happy.

Episode 6: For Real?

Kitagawa realizes that she is developing feelings for Gojo, and after spending all day at the event, her stomach growls, to which Gojo’s grandfather invites her for dinner. The next day a mysterious girl walks into Gojo’s shop during rainfall and gets invited by Gojo’s grandfather to stay and have a bath, and accidentally Gojo finds her in an awkward situation, later that girl introduces herself as Sajuna Inui. Later Gojo finds out that she’s the girl named “JUJU” that Kitagawa showed him on social media, and she has visited him for the cosplay outfits, and she threatens Gojo that she will report him for sexual harassment if he refuses to help.

Episode 7: A Home Date with the Guy I Wuv Is the Best:

Kitagawa convinced Juju to agree to group cosplay after Kitagawa offered to pay for the studio so that Jju could take her professional photos in the costume. Later Gojo visits Kitagawa’s house to borrow the DVDs of Flower Princess Blaze, And as things go on, Kitagawa finds out that Gojo never had any girlfriends.

Episode 8: Backlighting Is the Best:

Shinju and Kitagawa start discussing the pictures of Juju and how her social media account was started, and Shinju shows some pictures of Juju that she captured. ALter group visits the shoot location, which is an abandoned hospital. On visiting the venue while Kitagawa and Shinju wandered around, Juju got scared and stayed behind.

Later on in the episode, Kitagawa asks Gojo to come for a beach trip which Gojo agrees to immediately; Kitagawa is pretty happy and excited to spend summer vacation with Gojo and thinks how good he is.

Hope you have enjoyed the series so far; the rest of the episodes are still to be aired. You can watch all of these episodes on the streaming platform Funimation.

Download My Dress-Up Darling and enjoy your favorite Animes from Funimation.

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How Are Smartphones Changing Online Gaming?





More people are playing games on mobile devices than on any other method or platform. It is observable that mobile games made up the largest portion of all gaming revenue worldwide in 2018 and it is evidence of the dominance of smartphones being used as one of the most used gaming platforms. Additionally, given the unparalleled rate of invention and progress in smartphone technology, it is safe to say that smartphones will continue to outpace traditional gaming platforms like computers and gaming consoles in the coming years.

Smartphones have had a significant impact on the expansion of the gaming businesses in several ways, including by drawing in more players, altering the demographics of players, and accelerating the development process of games. Here are a few explanations behind the rapid expansion of mobile technology and how it evolves online gaming:

Evolving Smartphone Technology

Newer smartphones have changed the game, in contrast to their predecessors, which were just capable of making phone calls. Smartphones now outperform many other gaming consoles thanks to their high-end hardware, touchscreen capabilities, and user-friendly interface. The ability of mobile phones to allow players to enjoy skill games like the Indian rummy game that they can experience at the comfort of their home or while on the go has completely changed how people view and play games in the modern era.

Despite having cutting-edge technology capabilities like gesture recognition and motion tracking, console gaming limits people’s mobility, giving mobile gaming an advantage. If we look at the processing power, picture quality, and storage capacity, mobile phones and consoles are now competitive with each other thanks to innovations like virtual reality (VR) and cloud storage.

Ease of Distribution

Earlier, game companies paid far more than they do now for the hassle of physically delivering games through CDs and other media. The development of mobile phones has proven beneficial to the video game sector. Today, a good internet connection makes it simple to download games to smartphones. The cheap cost of game development due to the ease of distribution stimulates game creators and enables them to invest more in creating new games and innovative gaming technologies.

In reality, one of the primary causes for the expansion of the mobile game market and the encouragement of financing efforts for gaming innovation is this. Smartphones nowadays are compatible with feature-rich games from basic 2D games to augmented reality (AR) games. This allows you to enjoy many games like the Indian rummy game, FruitNinja, or many others while taking advantage of an improved gaming experience.

Multiplayer Immersive Gaming

Playing any game only with your nearby friends is an outdated idea. With the help of mobile applications, games can now be played with players from all over the globe, thanks to evolving smartphone technology. You can have fun while playing your favorite games online with any experienced or novice players. Additionally, you may invite players from other countries to play games with you.

Mobile games’ immersive design has the power to essentially turn any location into a gaming playground and elevate the playing experience to a whole new level. Recently, technology has advanced very quickly, causing enormous waves of change across industries. Games, which were previously thought of as personal hobbies, are now an essential part of this growing industry thanks to the development of mobile technology and the incredibly quick acceptance of smartphones. The mobile game market has a very promising future.

Secure Gaming and Comfort

We are all aware of the dangers of carrying large amounts of cash, as well as the inconvenience of having to go to the bank to make a payment and wait several days for it to clear. With the introduction of quick online banking options, withdrawal and deposit processes are now nearly immediate.

Numerous security precautions have been put in place by online gaming companies to protect your financial transactions and personal data. Make sure to select a trustworthy platform, where you can read reviews, get in touch with customer service, and learn about privacy and security regulations.

What Awaits Us in the Future?

As more and more of our activities move online, so too is the gaming sector. It used to be impossible to play card games online, but nowadays it might be the most popular option. Incredible advancements in mobile technology are improving user experience. The online gaming market appears to have a lot of room to grow, and it will be interesting to watch where advancements in gaming technology will take it next.

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Disney Plus Not Working on PS4





Disney Plus keeps coming up with ways to keep their audience spellbound on their screens. Ever since it became possible to watch Disney Plus on PS4, fans have decided to opt for this method when assessing the channel. The problem is that the application seems to encounter several issues, hindering you from having a great time.

Constant flops with your Disney app can be frustrating, especially when you don’t want to miss a show. As a result, you’ll want to resolve any issues as soon as possible. This post offers you answers and steps to take when experiencing glitches with the Disney app on your console.

How to Resolve Issues with Disney Plus on Your PS4?

Below are procedures that can get your Disney Plus running smoothly on your PlayStation.

Monitor the Disney Plus Application

One of the primary reasons for the problem between your application and the console is a glitch in the server. Similar to an real money online slots, this application is an online platform, which means that it can’t function if there are problems with the web servers.

The best way to check if all is fine is to download third-party apps like Downdetector. This platform produces information on the application, including the problems it must have faced in the last 24 hours. You can fix the server issues with the subsequent troubleshooting instructions if the server issues are minor.

Check your Internet Connection

Aside from server issues, a poor network slows down Disney’s operations on all devices, including PS4. For the app to run uninterrupted, you must have an internet bandwidth of 5Mbps. Any speed less than this standard slows down the Disney Plus operations.

The most effective way to fix this is to restart the router. Unplug the router’s power chord from its socket and wait for a few seconds. Then, plug in the cable and turn on the router.

Contact your service provider if there are still problems with your connection. Sometimes, you’ll have to update your router to get faster access to the internet.

Reduce the Video’s Stream Quality

Another reason your Disney Plus app might be inefficient is that it uses inappropriate stream quality. If your internet isn’t strong enough to handle some videos’ bandwidth, it’ll be impossible to watch the video on PS4.

In such cases, you’ll have to lower the stream quality via the Disney Plus app. To achieve this, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Disney Plus App on the PS4
  • Click on the “Menu” Option
  • Select “Settings”
  • Search for “Data Usage” and change to “Save data” or “Moderate”
  • Close the settings and reload the video

Log Out of Your Account

Glitches in the system are not uncommon; you experience them frequently. These minor flaws can disrupt the flow of activities in the system, making it difficult to watch videos on your PS4. In such scenarios, it’s best to log out of the account and log back in.

  • Follow these steps to log out of your Disney Plus App:
  • Open the application on your Playstation
  • Select the “Menu” option
  • Select “settings”
  • Find and click on the “Log out” button

Once the system logs you out, wait for a few minutes before logging in with your account details.

Restart Your PS4

The malfunction could also be coming from the PlayStation’s operating system. Though it’s hard to tell if your PlayStation is the problem, you should restart it if you’re still experiencing difficulty with Disney Plus.

To restart, follow these steps:

  • Open the PS4
  • Select the Power tab from the home screen
  • Click on “Power options”
  • Select “Restart PS4” or press the “X” or “O” button on your console pads

Wait till the PlayStation reboots. Once this process is complete, open the Disney application and try again.

Update Disney Plus on Your Playstation

The inability of Disney Plus to work with PS4 might be because of the versions of your app and PS4. Thus, your console and Disney app should be up-to-date. To update the application, follow the steps below:

Find and select Disney Plus on the console’s home screen.

  • Click on “options”
  • Select “Check for updates”
  • If there are any newer app versions, follow the onscreen instructions to install them.

To update your PS4, follow these steps:

  • Open your Playstation and select “Settings”
  • Choose “System Software Update” from the available options
  • Select “Update Now”

After updates, restart the PS4, open the Disney App, and try watching videos.


With the information in this post, you can easily resolve problems with your Disney Plus on PS4. All you should do is identify the root cause of the problem and employ any of the troubleshooting tips above.

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How to Use Technology to Make the Best Baseball Betting Choices





Technology is playing an essential role in all facets of sports. Technology creates an immersive experience for fans, helping them appreciate their favorite sports more. Technology also contributes immensely to sports betting, especially with many easy, fast, and round-the-clock online betting options available for sports fans.

Online sports betting is one of the main attractions of sports today. This is because online sports betting rests on the shoulders of technology. The popularity of baseball betting is catching on in many parts of the world where baseball does not even have any local footprint. Bettors can make over under picks, and other betting picks for baseball teams they are not privileged to watch live. This is happening due to the penetrative powers of technology, which is encouraging other sports betting alongside baseball.

This article will look at some benefits mostly associated with the influence of technology on data collection and analysis in baseball betting.

The Most Persistent Struggle of Baseball Bettors

Most baseball bettors usually struggle to make the best baseball betting choices. Unlike other sports, predicting baseball games requires a great deal of scrutiny. A lot of data analysis goes into setting baseball odds and making predictions. These may be daunting for bettors who are simply looking to stake on games with higher chances.

Thankfully, technology is rising to the occasion for sports betting and baseball bettors in particular. Technology is helping them to sweep complex data to reveal results that baseball bettors can utilize to prepare better and make favorable baseball betting decisions. This is groundbreaking for baseball bettors, especially as the applications are pragmatic and do not require advanced expertise.

How can Baseball Bettors Use Technology to Improve their Baseball Betting Chances?

Baseball betting relies on many statistics and mathematical data surrounding baseball teams and players’ performances. Bookmakers and analysts usually gather this data to predict the result of baseball games. It makes betting on baseball interesting for bettors.

Technology improves baseball betting in many ways, including design, payment processes, speed, etc.

Recently, baseball betting has been graced by high-level technology processes and tools that help sweep complex data. Bookmakers use these data to set odds and open more betting options to baseball bettors. The benefits of focusing on these complex data are numerous for baseball bettors.

Here are some ways baseball bettors have utilized technology to improve baseball betting:

● Artificial Intelligence Applications

The application of Artificial Intelligence solutions to baseball betting is helping to eliminate many betting errors on the side of bookmakers and bettors. This has prevented setting wrong odds on betting options and other avoidable errors. As baseball grows, the scope of the data gets expansive; more baseball betting markets are also opening up, making the work of bookmakers more difficult. The scope of AI is still growing in baseball betting, but its prospects look brilliant so far.

● Accurate Betting Analysis

The level of computation in baseball betting is now helping enthusiasts gain insights into baseball trends and patterns. Current statistics in baseball are vital for baseball’s future projections; bookmakers and bettors can use these statistics to prepare their bet options. The analysis of baseball teams and players covers critical aspects of the game, such as runs, batting scores, and positional play. It also covers how all of them are aggregated into baseball betting analysis.

● Increased Value of Bets

The value of baseball betting has increased significantly with technology. Technology has enhanced baseball betting to the point where stakes now have higher values due to fewer human selection disruptions. Baseball betting used to suffer from bad decisions that were not backed by sufficient premises. Technology is helping baseball bettors to develop more effective betting strategies.

● Technology Aggregates all Factors

Many factors influence baseball games and bettors’ choices. Some factors such as player injuries, past performances, and head-to-head rules can be predictable. Others, like weather conditions, in-match decisions, etc., may not be predictable. With technology, these factors are accommodated as parameters. They can be factored into the algorithm used to study the data.


Technology has so far brought a lot of advancements to baseball betting. The odds are favorable, and the future even looks promising. The relationship between technology and baseball betting has kicked off well. This can only get better. Baseball bettors and bookmakers should consistently embrace the implementation of technology in solving challenges and improving the experience of baseball betting.

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