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Is Kubernetes Administrator Certification Good for You?




The CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) curriculum ensures that CKAs have the essential knowledge, expertise, and competence to carry out the duties of a Kubernetes administrator. To deploy, scale, and maintain containerized apps automatically, Kubernetes Administrator serves best.

They founded CKA as having the potential to help grow the Kubernetes ecosystem, the Linux Foundation (LF) and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). This performance-based test is a live, proctored, that evaluates a command line that runs Kubernetes to do several tasks.

CKA is specially designed for:

  • Administrators of the system
  • Certified DevOps Specialist
  • Developers of software applications

Exam Description:

When a candidate schedules CKA Exam, it is available for one year after registration. A maximum of two tries are allowed after registering. The exam will last for two hours. 66 percent is required to pass. The validity of the CKA is three years. The exam costs $375, and one free retake is included.

Exam CKA outline includes:

The exam covers all the essential topics which are highly trending. After attempting this course Candidate would be able to deal with all. The percentage shows the importance of that subject.


This exam has no prerequisites. So it is the best choice to choose it for your best future.


Scheduling for the CKA exam is easy. To see “My Portal,” the Candidate must first log in to the Linux Foundation’s LMS. To see which certificate exams or courses are currently active in your account, go to the “In Progress” tab. Keep in mind that First-time users will see an option labelled “Start Certification,” while those who have previously purchased will see “Resume,” respectively.

The Exam Preparation Checklist Items can be viewed by clicking the Start Certification (or Resume) button. Upon completion of these checklist items, the Candidate will be able to book an exam. After that, candidates will be given the option to pick a date and time that works best for them and a time zone.

The virtual computers must be prepared 24 hours before the exam, so the earliest available reservation date is the following day after the exam has started. Additionally, the scheduling calendar shows a 60-day window for the earliest possible date.

Advantages of CKA certificate:

Open source initiatives such as Kubernetes are experiencing a rise in popularity. There’s much demand for DevOps engineers who know how to administer Kubernetes clusters. A DevOps engineer’s compensation in Silicon Valley(a place in California famous for advanced technology companies) is currently 20% greater than that of a software engineer. DevOps engineers often earn between $140,000 and $200,000.

Since Kubernetes is used by a wide range of firms and organizations, getting CKA certification might help you gain a position within the industry.

Last Words:

The Linux Foundation’s Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification is one of the most outstanding Kubernetes credentials. Dumpspedia is here to assist in getting a CKA certificate.

Such a Highly authentic and trustworthy Platform!

Kubernetes cluster setup and management is the focus of this course. It has been proven that a certified Kubernetes administrator By Dumpspedia can perform a basic installation as well as configure and manage production-grade Kubernetes clusters. By the time they advance and get more expertise, they know more about the basics of Kubernetes networking and memory, as well as encryption, debugging, API object primitives, and the lifetime of an application.

Best of Luck!

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Watch City on a Hill Season 3 Offline with MyConverters Pluto TV Downloader





Can a TV show be deemed “prestige” if few people watch it, there is hardly any discussion about it, and even Showtime has forgotten about it? The fact that the sitcom is into its third season is undoubtedly unexpected. Less surprising is that it’s accomplishing this with next to no fanfare despite being an intriguing and intricate investigation of municipal politics and the effects of the so-called “Boston Miracle,” which aimed to reform the police and reduce adolescent gun crime in the 1990s.

Basic Information about City on a Hill


After moving away from the cops vs. bank robbers narrative that propelled the first season and often felt engaging but also like discarded script pages of Affleck’s own “The Town,” “City on a Hill” has evolved over the course of two seasons into an interesting critique of the incremental methods of social reform, this shift may be attributable to Fontana’s involvement. She replaced Chuck MacLean, the show’s creator, who was fired following misconduct charges during the second season. Although Fontana’s name never appears in a screenplay, his influence can be seen throughout the series, particularly in its focus on the moral responsibility of public works projects and the idea of ethical policing.

The third season continues to focus on the tight bond between Assistant District Attorney DeCourcey Ward (Aldis Hodge), now a former FBI agent, and Jackie Rohr (Bacon), who is still an FBI agent. It keeps moving further into the political maneuverings and effects of sudden change. Jackie finds himself lost this season when he provides security for the affluent Dryden family (Corbin Bernsen and Joanne Kelly), who are hiding some sinister secrets. DeCourcey is still fighting his way up the DA’s ladder while battling Guy Dan’s (John Dorman) political campaign. While investigating labor conditions at the Big Dig, Decourcey’s wife, Siobhan (Lauren E. Banks), accepts a position at the ACLU. At the same time, Jenny Rohr (Jill Hennessy), who is still fixated on Jackie’s affair, keeps Father Doyle in the dark (Mark Ryder).

Prior seasons of “City on a Hill” did an excellent job of demonstrating the overlap of their cases, successfully bringing together narratives after each season. This season does an excellent job of examining the city’s severe financial inequality by contrasting the Big Dig workers’ isolated lifestyle with that of the Dryden family.

However, the show is still struggling to find a way to make the lives of Rohr and Ward’s family fascinating. Siobhan’s work for the ACLU is far more engaging than the terrible past she is forced to deal with midway through the season. At the same time, Hennessy’s Jackie suffers the most from this, effectively repeating her storyline with Father Doyle from season two.


There is good news for those who think a well-run ship can’t sail on without a seasoned captain. The two main characters are coming back. Not just these two will return, but others as well. Additionally returning are Jill Hennessy (Jenny Rohr) and Lauren E. Banks (Siobhan Quay). In addition, the show will welcome new guest stars Corbin Bernsen, Joanne Kelly, and Ernie Hudson to complete the roster. As this group interacts, viewers will learn that Boston’s corruption is considerably more widespread than previously believed.

There is nothing more thrilling. A recent season three trailer gives viewers a small taste of what’s to come. The best news is that fans can anticipate more crime and grime to boost the ante in less than two weeks.

Release Date

It was renewed three months into the second season. On July 31, 2022, City on a Hill will return on Showtime, giving Sunday nights an extra hour of energy. Season three promises even more grime than seasons one and two.


cBoston serves as the setting for City on a Hill. I anticipated it because I adore these kinds of shows and movies, and it did not disappoint! Kevin Bacon is the show’s real star; he has been a great actor for the whole of his career, but this is unquestionably one of his best performances.”

How to Watch City on a Hill Online

City on a Hill can be viewed on Pluto TV, Showtime, fuboTV, and Amazon Prime.

On Pluto TV, you can watch City on a Hill for free. But on any other platform, you must be their subscriber or pay for the TV series.

How to Watch City on a Hill Offline

As what is mentioned before, the best choice for you to watch City on a Hill is Pluto TV. But what if it is removed from Pluto TV because of the due of their license agreement? Thus, if you download City on a Hill ahead of its being removed, you can watch your favorite videos as long as you like.

Then, MyConverters Pluto TV Downloader can your best video mate for downloading videos because of its great features and simple steps to use.

Use of MyConverters Pluto TV Downloader

1: Select “Pluto TV”

Open MyConverters and choose “Pluto TV” as the picture shows.

2: Use the built-in browser

After choosing Pluto TV, you’ll go to its official website and can use the built-in browser to search for the episodes of City on a Hill to download.

3: Download the video

After you find out the video and play it, MyConverters will let you choose the options about the video output settings.

4: See “Your Library”

You may view the videos you’ve selected to download in the “Downloading” section of “Your Library.”

How Much Does MyConverters Pluto TV Downloader Cost?

Now you may be curious about the subscriptions of MyConverters Pluto TV Downloader. Let’s check them together.

Individual Plan

For people who only want to buy for themselves, the monthly bundle is USD 19.99 with a 1-PC license.

The most popular plan is the yearly one for individuals, which costs just $59.9 a year for a PC. You have access to all videos on all other platforms when you pay $4.99 a month for a MyConverters subscription, and you can download any of the videos.

Family Plan

Family Plans, like the Individual Plan, come in a variety of variations and work with both Windows and Mac computers. Because of this, you are free to select any plan that suits your needs. Up to the 5-PC license is allowed if you select the lifetime plan. Don’t miss this opportunity .

Final Thoughts

In this post, I explicitly clarified the storyline, cast, release date, and reviews of City on a Hill Season 3. Now you probably get to know more about it. Moreover, I also introduce the best Pluto TV Downloader for you: MyConverters. Come and try it now!

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A Demystification of Software Testing Processes





Software testing is a process by which software is tested for defects. This process is important to ensure the quality of software and avoid potential problems that can occur when software is released to the public.

In recent years, automated software testing has become increasingly popular as a way to speed up the testing process and improve the quality of software. While automated software testing can be valuable, it is important to understand the difference between automated and manual software testing to make sure that the most appropriate approach is used for each project.

This article will consider AI in software testing by comparing it with manual testing to determine which approach might be best for a company to adopt.

Manual Testing

Manual software testing is the process of manually testing software for defects. This approach is often used for small projects or when software is first being developed. Manual testing can be time-consuming, but it allows for a more thorough test of the software.

You will need great expertise within your company full-time if there are many pieces of software to test regularly. That is someone with advanced knowledge of coding because they are trying to pick up errors that the original coder has missed.

Coding errors can be hard to spot when it comes to the tired or untrained human eye. The process takes a while and absorbs much of a company’s time. The result is, of course, worth it because this can mean a saved reputation many times over or the avoidance of a damaging security breach that may lose many customers and damage business for a while.

Is there an easier way to test our software, though?

Automated Testing

Automated software testing is the process of using software to automate the testing process. This approach is often used for large projects or when software needs to be tested frequently. The process can prove to be faster and more efficient than manual testing, but it can also be more expensive.

Many companies will consider the costs of automated software testing to be well worth it because it protects their good standing with customers. Also, it saves on staffing costs, which are likely to work out more expensive than the software. It is swings and roundabouts with most things and a company does have to consider the amount of software it needs to test and the consequences of not having it tested in the best possible way.

Which Approach Should You Use?

The decision of whether to use automated or manual software testing should be based on the needs of the project. If time is of the essence, then automated software testing may be the best option. If software needs to be tested thoroughly and comprehensively, then manual software testing may be the better option. In any case, it is important to consult with a software testing expert to ensure that the most appropriate approach is used for your project.

Different Software Testing Processes Included:

  • Static Testing: This process involves examining the code without executing it. The aim is to check for errors and potential issues.
  • Dynamic Testing: This process involves executing the code to check for bugs and errors.
  • Functional Testing: This process involves testing the software to ensure that it works as intended.
  • Non-Functional Testing: This process involves testing the software for things like performance, security, and usability.

Hopefully, the above has proved helpful to you. Whether the software testing is achieved manually or automatically it is the quality of the final product that matters. For many companies, automated testing is considered to be a vital part of software testing, as it can help to catch errors and potential issues more quickly. By understanding the different processes involved in software testing, you can ensure that your software is of the highest quality.

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A Guide on Microsoft Word Features Useful for Students





No doubt, proficiency in Microsoft Word is required for a wide range of jobs, from accountant to chief marketing officer. And an advanced knowledge of it is even more appreciated! Therefore, the sooner you master this tool, the less time you will spend on routine tasks.

However, sometimes even the best writing and editing tool doesn’t save the day. Given the increasing study load, most students can’t manage it all. That’s why they turn to paperwriter services to make sure their grades are fine. Indeed, with a reliable assistant, you can have everything under control, including your performance and stress level.

Of course, students can’t do without Word, whether it’s working on lecture notes or writing essays. That is why we have collected useful Word hacks that will make your life much easier!

Unsaved Document Recovery

What could be worse than realizing that you closed an unsaved document? There is no limit to disappointment, as all your efforts are in vain! To prevent such a situation, set the autosave option in Word. By default, a document version is automatically saved every 10 minutes, but you can set a shorter interval, such as 1 minute.

Go to the tab File → Parameters → Save. Next, set the desired interval.

However, if you found out about this feature after you closed the unsaved document, there is a way to still return it. Go to File → Details → Document Management → Recover Unsaved Documents.

Replacing the Default Font

Word’s standard font is Calibri, but teachers often require papers to be submitted in Times New Roman. Well, some of us are just more comfortable working with Verdana or Arial. So, to avoid switching the font to the one you need every time, set the required one by default: Font → Select the desired font from the list → Default.

Searching for a Synonym

If you often use Word as an editor, you will certainly find the synonym search function useful! This way, you will save plenty of time. Click on any word and select the “Synonyms” block in the pop-up window.

Inserting Non-Breaking Spaces

Incorrect word wrapping often tickles our nerves! For example, your last name and initials should be on the same line, as well as measurement, numbers, abbreviations, etc. But the Word transfers words as it wants. To prevent this, you just need to insert non-breaking spaces: press Shift + Ctrl + Space to do it.

Setting a Password on a Document

Today, there’s more talk about the security of personal devices than ever before. Just as you protect your computer from malware and slowdown programs, you can protect your file from falling into the wrong hands.

If you are afraid that the essay you have been working on for a month will be stolen, then set a password for the document. Open File → Info → Protect Document → Encrypt with Password. But remember, it is impossible to recover a forgotten password! And you can remove it easily; just follow the same steps.

Restriction on Changes

If you’re sending a document to someone and don’t want them to make edits, set limits! You can prohibit the use of certain styles, specify parts of the text, and mention users who are allowed to make changes. The guideline is simple: File → Details → Protect Document → Restrict Editing.


Can’t imagine your life without autocorrect on your phone? Well, it does a great job, especially if you use note-taking apps or some editors. Word also has such a thing, and it makes work much easier, not to mention the way you type!

Among the main advantages of autocorrect is that you can write complex or constantly repeating terms and words by typing the first 2-3 letters. It also prevents making typos or unnoticed errors.

Here’s what you should do: File → Options → Spelling → AutoCorrect Options.

Text Shortening

Have you ever had to print an extra page because of just three lines of text? Or endlessly edit the document trying to put everything on one sheet?

Fortunately, Word has a special feature for shortening text. Go to File → Options → Quick Access Toolbar → select All Commands → look for Shrink per page, and click Add. After that, a page shortening icon appears on your taskbar at the top. Select the text, click on the icon – and voila!

Working on a Doc Together

Good news for Google Docs fans who are forced to work in Word! Here, you can collaborate on a document as well! To insert a comment into a shared document, use the Review tab.

Text Replacement

It’s a handy feature if you need to replace some frequently repeated words in a large text. You can find it in the “Replace” section on the top right panel.

Creating a Table of Contents

Another must for students! Of course, some draw dots to simulate a table of contents, but there is an easier option.

First of all, you need to select headings and subheadings. Once you do it, go to the “Links” tab, where you will find the “Add Text” section. “Level 1” is for chapter headings, while the second one is for subheadings. Then, put the cursor on the area where you want to place the content, go to “Links” again and click on “Contents.” That’s all – a neat table of contents is ready!

Comparing Two Versions of a Document

It’s a great life hack if you need to compare the old and new versions of the essay and see what changes the teacher made to it. Go to the “Review” tab → “Compare” → “Compare two versions of a document.” Next, choose which document is considered the original and which is modified.

You can also set the edits to be displayed in the third document. If several people have been working on it, better go for “Combine corrections from several authors in one document.”

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

And last but not least, it’s worth remembering some cool combinations:

  • Ctrl + Shift + A – convert uppercase letters to capital;
  • Shift + F3 – convert capital letters to uppercase;
  • Shift + Alt + D – quickly add a date to a document;
  • Alt + 769 – put stress in a word. Place the cursor after the letter where the stress should be and press the combination;
  • Ctrl + Alt + Page Down – move to the next page;
  • Ctrl + Alt + Page Up – return to the previous page;
  • Ctrl + Home – move to the beginning of the document.

To Wrap It Up

Perhaps it would be an oversight not to use so many amazing features. With them, you will definitely complete tasks faster and easier. Plus, you won’t be bored as you can test them all. Grab some coffee, turn on Lo-Fi music for concentration, and dive into work!

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