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5 Best Gifts for Poker Players




We all have that one person in our lives who just loves playing poker. Maybe it’s your brother who got into the game playing in a college dormitory. Maybe it’s your aunt who dipped her toe into the pro circuit years ago. Perhaps it’s just a good friend you used to play the game with yourself. Whatever the case, poker enthusiasts are out there, and they actually make for fun people to buy gifts for, whatever special day it might be. There are just a lot of fun items and decorations surrounding this legendary, age-old game, and that provides virtually endless gift-giving opportunities.

Here we’ll look to identify five of the best options for those of you who do in fact have poker fanatics in your lives.

1. Beautiful Playing Cards

If you’re looking for a simple gift that will nonetheless be perfect for your poker-loving friend or relative, you might want to take a look at some of the playing card packs that have been coming out in recent years. A standard deck of cards (say, Bicycle brand with red or blue designs) has a certain classic appeal. But in the last five or ten years, designers have taken it upon themselves to really beautify playing cards with some fairly stunning results.

This is also a fun idea because you have lots of options. Some designer cards are merely classier, slightly more artistic updates on the traditional look. Others embrace themes ranging from wildlife to era-specific aesthetics. And some still are more radical redesigns. Whatever you choose, any avid poker player will appreciate receiving a pretty new deck of cards.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

There are a lot of benefits to various gaming headsets, but above all else poker players specifically tend to value these accessories’ ability to block out ambient noise. Poker players require concentration to excel at the game, and if the person on your list spends much time playing online, chances are he or she is used to thoroughly “zoning in” on the screen during games. High-end, noise-canceling headphones help with this effort, making for a more comfortable experience as well as more effective play.

3. Functional Poker Table Topper

Poker table toppers are foldable accessories that can help your friend or family member turn any table into a poker table at any time. They’re typically made with green felt surfaces and are surprisingly affordable (typically about $100 or a little less). They’re also highly functional though, in that most of them have built-in spaces for cards and sunken wells to hold chips (and drinks).

A poker enthusiast will appreciate this functionality not just because it makes for a comfortable game, but also because it makes for a fair one. While enforcing the rules is a given, regular poker players are also wary of angle shoots, which are basically sketchy or even unintentional ways for people to gain advantages without actually cheating. Because most angle shoots involve movement of chips though (hiding them, feinting bets, etc.), a functional table topper does away with them. With chips in designated slots, the game is more likely to run smoothly and fairly, which any poker lover will appreciate.

4. Online Course

If the poker player on your gift list takes the game seriously, or is working to improve, it may be the case that the most thoughtful gift you can give is access to an online course. Granted, there are some free courses on YouTube that offer a lot of value to players aspiring to higher levels. But some of the best poker instruction out there comes in the form of paid or subscription online courses. These courses are not the only way to understand how to win at poker, but they are effective. These are available for a huge range of prices, but for $100 or so you can give someone access to some genuinely beneficial instruction from successful and/or professional players.

5. LED Letters

Lastly, just for fun, you might consider buying some decorative LED letters suitable for a poker room. For instance, you might select letters that spell out “Poker Night” or “Texas Hold’em,” or even something more personal like “Jane’s Poker Lounge” (specific to the recipient of course, if you’re not called Jane, it would be a bit odd).

This is only really a worthwhile idea if the poker enthusiast on your list happens to play a lot of home games, or if you know he or she has a room dedicated to gaming. If that’s the case though, this is one more perfect gift idea for a poker lover.

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What Are the Essentials for a Dab Rig Kit?





A dab rig allows you to inhale cannabis vapor, which contains all the psychoactive ingredients found in cannabis, without any of the adverse effects of smoking, such as irritation.

To vaporize cannabis concentrates, you’ll need a dab rig kit. Here’s what you’ll typically find in these kits.

Choose the right dab rig

Before we go any further, you should know that there are different types of dab rigs. You can find traditional rigs that use a borosilicate glass construction. These rigs are similar to water bubblers, but they’re more convenient, and you can find portable mini dab rigs.

Some people prefer electronic dab rigs. These devices are similar to vaping pens. While electronic rigs heat up faster, many users prefer the flavor and vapor quantity they can achieve with a traditional glass rig.

What are the main elements of a dab rig kit?

Here’s what you’ll typically find in a dab rig kit.

Smoking device

The smoking device is the main element of the rig. It’s a glass piece that looks like a bubbler. It typically features a chamber where the cannabis vapor can build up and include a pipe element you can use to smoke.

Nail or banger nail

The nail is the element that heats up. It uses quartz, ceramic, or another material that can withstand high temperatures without cracking.

You can heat the banger nail to a temperature of 500 to 700°F. Opting for a lower temperature can enhance the flavor and preserve the THC compounds, but you shouldn’t go lower to avoid wasting cannabis concentrate.


Bute-powered torches are the most popular devices for heating the nail or banger nail. Butane burns clean, and these torches can instantly reach a temperature of 2,000°F. They’re easy to use and quickly bring the nail to the desired temperature.


If you have an electronic dab rig, the device will include a built-in e-nail. This element uses a highly conductive material to heat up quickly as electricity goes through it. The electricity comes from a battery that you’ll have to recharge. It’s similar to the way THC vape pens work.

If you use an electronic device, you won’t need a butane torch to heat the nail.

Carb cap

The carb cap is an element you place over the nail as it vaporizes the concentrate. The purpose is to create a small chamber where heat and air pressure can build up. It helps you vaporize the concentrate more effectively. The carb cap also allows you to adjust the airflow.

Dabbing tools

You can typically purchase cannabis concentrate in quantities of 0.5 or 1 gram. Since the THC concentration can be as high as 80%, you only need a small amount when dabbing.

Use dabbing tools to handle cannabis concentrate while limiting waste. Paddles and scoops are great for products with a crumbly texture, but you can use hooks and picks for sticky substances. You may want to use small silicone containers to store the concentrates.

Wrap up

Investing in a dab rig kit is a great way to start with concentrates. When comparing different products, ensure these kits include all the essentials mentioned.

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The 7 Best Benefits of Shopping Wholesale for Clothes





Whether you want to open up a new boutique or update your wardrobe, shopping for clothes wholesale boasts many benefits over buying clothes from other outlets.

Bulk orders

Easily one of the most significant benefits of purchasing wholesale clothing is bulk orders. Ordering your garments from a wholesale store means that you can buy the product in bulk. Bulk ordering is helpful because it means you get a discount on the shipping. After all, you aren’t ordering small quantities from several different places.

Wholesale companies offer benefits to those that take advantage of buying wholesale blank apparel in bulk.


While high quality might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wholesale clothing, the clothes should maintain a level of quality.

Wholesale clothing goes straight from the manufacturer to your business or home. This means that clothes are not handled by as many people, and they are not being moved around as much. This lack of handling means that clothes have fewer opportunities to see wear and tear.

Access to trend cycles

As you probably already know, fashion goes through trend cycles like most other media types. A particular style or pattern is in one minute, just to be quickly replaced.

One benefit of wholesale clothing is that they are savvy to current trends and manufacturers’ production. Manufacturers following trends means you will have more direct access to what is in and can choose what to buy accordingly.


The lower price of wholesale clothes is one of the biggest draws for most people. Buying clothes directly from a wholesaler lowers costs by cutting the middleman and having fewer people to pay for labor.

Wholesale retailers also want to avoid leftover products, so many will offer sales if you finish off a certain amount of stock.

Saves trips

Another benefit of shopping for clothes wholesale is that it saves trips. Instead of shopping at multiple trade shows, online stores, and boutiques, you can get all your clothing from one location.

Saving money on gas and time on shopping allows you to spend your time and money more wisely.


Wholesale clothing stores offer a wide variety of clothing colors and styles. These stores are less specialized, meaning you can pick out clothes from many different options.

Helping business owners scale

The last significant benefit of buying clothes wholesale is that it will help business owners to grow their businesses. Suppose you are interested in expanding your business or opening an additional store. In that case, wholesale outlets allow you to stock up on this new space quickly and within budget.

Even if you do not always choose to buy through wholesale stores, doing so to fill space quickly will have your boutique feeling more lively in no time.

Before you go

In the end, wholesale stores are a great way to buy clothes in bulk. Whether you want to fill up some space for your business or just want cheap clothes to expand your wardrobe, wholesale clothing stores have you covered.

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Key Considerations When Purchasing a Car for Your Teenager





Being able to drive might not be an essential life skill, but it can make things easier. This is especially true for those who live in more remote areas where access to public transport might not be as reliable when compared to cities or other built-up areas. Furthermore, having a valid driving license can also open up more career opportunities which is another benefit of learning to drive.

This is why a lot of parents encourage their teens to get their licenses, as it can offer them more independence as they move into young adulthood. If your teen has recently passed their driving test and you have been thinking about purchasing them a car, here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

1. A Car That is Easy to Drive

Some models are going to be more powerful than others. While your teenager might dream of owning a flash sports car or another impressive vehicle one day, you need to consider their experience behind the wheel. Choose a car that will be easy for them to handle, as they will gradually become more confident in their driving abilities the more they get out on the road. The more manageable their first car is, the better drivers they will become, and they can gradually move on to more powerful cars later in life.

2. Car Insurance

You might be happy with your car insurance provider and use them to get a car policy for your teen’s car. However, this could also be a good opportunity to explore other insurance providers if you want to change. Your teenager’s policy might also be more expensive due to their relatively low experience behind the wheel and the likelihood that they will get into more accidents or are considered to be less responsible drivers. If you are looking for a new insurance provider, is a great example of the kind of service you can get.

3. A Model That Isn’t Expensive to Run

You also need to consider the ongoing expenses of the car and how that might eat into your budget. As a parent, you may have decided that the agreement of getting your teenager a car involves them covering the costs of running it, but they will likely not have a high-paying job at this stage in life. Even if you are covering these expenses yourself, it can still eat into your monthly budget and put more financial pressure on you. This is why picking a car that won’t cost a lot of money to run is important. You might also save money by purchasing a second-hand car, provided it is in good condition.

Seeing your teenager pass their driving test can be a proud moment for a parent, and perhaps even slightly nerve-wracking to think about your child driving out on the open road. However, this is an important step for them as they move into adulthood, and if you want to celebrate this achievement by purchasing them a car, consider the points above to make sure you get the right vehicle for them.

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