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101 Positive Affirmations for Kids to Develop Self-belief



Affirmations for Kids

Affirmations for kids are a powerful tool that can help them achieve a positive mindset and self-mastery. Countless children with hidden God gifted talents are unable to explore themselves. Why?

Simply because children are not taught positive affirmations to help them gain the confidence they need to follow their dreams!

Using some positive affirmations, we can help children develop self-belief, reduce anxiety, and encourage a positive mindset.

Affirmations start from home, some fun activities can boost a child’s self-confidence and their mental wellbeing! If you are still not clear how you can make your kids do positive affirmations, read ahead!

Why Are Affirmations Important for Children?

The more positivity children feel around them, the more they feel safe and confident to express themselves openly. Affirmations help children believe they can be what they desire. It is the basis of a positive mindset and hence a more confident persona.

Taking control of your belief system is essential, and the earlier we take hold of it, the better it is. If we are taught how to develop positive beliefs about ourselves and affirm to them from a younger age, we will grow with the positivity. The later you develop it in life, the harder it is to train your mind to adhere to positivity.

 You see, children start learning and understanding things from a tender age, when their minds are like a blank sheet. When they are taught the concept of I believe, therefore I am, they prove to be smarter, more confident, and a productive individual.

Ways for Kids to Do Affirmations That Will Change Mindset

Affirmation is not just about standing in front of the mirror and repeating powerful sentences. Affirmations need to be done in a way that the child fully understands the deeper meaning of each word said. Each word should have a powerful effect on the mind of the child. It should be able to revolutionize the child’s thought process and trigger positivity.

Affirmations for students help them do better at school, and in the long term, they become credible pupils of the school. 

Here are some ways you as a parent or a teacher could use to change the mindset of a child who is too shy to open up or just under confident!

1. Start by affirming them yourself

If you are a mother or a father; you have the closest connection to your child. Start by affirming them yourself. Boost their confidence by getting close to them.

Take out time and ask them how their day went. Communicate with your children and ask them about the issues they are facing in school. Hold up their chin, look into their eyes, and start affirming your kid with meaningful words. Do this every day.

Say words that boost your child’s self-worth! Sentences like “you are enough for me,” “You mean a lot to me,” and “you are loved” can make them feel on cloud nine! Make them feel worthy of love and show them that you believe in them. Hug them, pat their back. Touching a child with love can help boost oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates happiness, good feelings, and triggers motivation.

2. Sing your way into a better feeling

When children are in the shower, playing with their toys or eating, they often sing little songs. Make your children learn some powerful affirmations and tell them to make songs out of it. First, make them understand what each affirmation means and tell them that they can sing their favorite affirmations whenever they feel sad or low.

Singing positive affirmations is a real mood booster, and uplifts flagging spirits. Singing affirmations can make household chores, and other mundane activities are a lot of fun!  

3. Include the Question “what if”

Develop planning and reasoning in your child. Find a storybook that is adventure-based and interesting. This book must contain a character that has many goals and obstacles to overcome.

When you and your child or your students are reading this book, discuss how the character’s actions can change the story. Furthermore, you could also discuss how this character will impact the story and how it would feel by what others say to that character. You could also discuss how positive affirmation versus criticism could affect the character’s mindset or thoughts.

4. Draw affirmations on the mirror

This is another effective way to do affirmations. Use sticky notes on the mirror or write out affirmations with a removable marker. Positive affirmations like I am kind, I can achieve a good grade, and I am unique are impactful sentences your child should affirm to every day.

When your child will look in the mirror, they will see much more than their physical appearance. Each time the child looks in the mirror, it reminds them of their self-esteem, and that they are capable of so much more!

Writing words of affirmation for kids on a mirror is a great way to boost self-confidence in a fun yet meaningful way.

5. Learn from the great ones

Each one of us has mentors in our lives. These are role models we look up to. They inspire us to lead our lives as successfully as them. The growth mindset is all about letting children accept the truth about failures as a part of life. It is not something that should be dreaded.

Every child has a role model; it could be a celebrity or even a teacher! Ask your child what positive affirmations this role model might have used to get them back up in times of doubt.

You could ask your child to write their role model’s favorite affirmations and add these to their scrapbooks. The next time when they need support, they can open their book of affirmations and read over them to feel better.

101 Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids

Here are some positive affirmations for kids. However this is not only limited to young children! We believe that learning starts from the day you are born so this list also contains affirmations for toddlers to help them develop a positive mindset.

  1. I accept myself even whenever I make mistakes
  2. Every day that passes I become a better person from every point of view
  3. My intuition guides the steps of my actions
  4. I am always calm, relaxed and in peace
  5. I’m always in the right place at the right time
  6. I like to think positive
  7. I feel positive.
  8. Every problem that comes my way is an opportunity to get the best out of myself.
  9. I trust myself when making important decision
  10. I am kind to everyone
  11. I am here and I will live the present
  12. I can solve my problems easily
  13. I can be happy even if I am alone!
  14. I accept compliments with kindness, humbleness and naturalness
  15. I am sweet
  16. I am an honest and fair human being
  17. I like to explore new ideas and take opinions
  18. I face changes in a peaceful, harmonious and positive way
  19. I can become what I want to be
  20. I can visualize the very good future
  21. I am an energetic person.
  22. I am a bright and vibrant person
  23. God always protects me
  24. I am kind, generous, affectionate and thankful
  25. I finish my homework on time every day
  26. I am worthy of love, trust and kindness
  27. My achievements are always great and successful
  28. I am brave and courageous
  29. Beauty surrounds me wherever I go
  30. I have an imagination beyond limits.
  31. I am able to solve problems with amazing creativity skills
  32. Everything is fine in my world
  33. May God always bestow his blessings upon us
  34. I have very good relations with my teachers
  35. I forgive all those who have made some mistake or have hurt me
  36. I feel confident and safe
  37. I always hope that things happen at their right moment
  38. My thoughts are always positive of love and happiness
  39. I demonstrate my ideas easily
  40. I am brave, even when I face an unknown person or situation.
  41. I reach my goals with ease
  42. Only I am responsible for my own life.
  43. I enjoy playing with my friends and I love them too
  44. I love myself.
  45. I have many friends who enjoy my company
  46. Trees, flowers and birds are my friends
  47. I radiate love and compassion
  48. Miracles happen to me every single day
  49. I am on the road to my progress and prosperity
  50. I am excellent in Languages
  51. I am fast and precise with math
  52. I am quick to analyze and find the solution to a problem
  53. I read, write and learn fast
  54. I absorb knowledge like a sponge and I am able to apply what I learn
  55. I put my best effort into my studies
  56. I’m always stay attentive and respond in classes
  57. I’m very good at_________ (sports, music, singing, dance, theater, drawing).
  58. I am the best student in my class
  59. I like the challenges that new ideas, possibilities and alternatives pose to me
  60. I am a winner!
  61. I turn failures into opportunities for success
  62. I fulfill all my responsibilities very well and tasks
  63. I like healthy snacks.
  64. I like to take care of my body and my physical appearance
  65. I am honest
  66. I am trustworthy
  67. I strive to find the best future I can find for myself.
  68. I am able to understand and solve complex problems easily.
  69. I like to experience life to the fullest
  70. I like to stay healthy.
  71. I will exercise daily.
  72. I know how to manage my time well
  73. I am punctual
  74. I am responsible
  75. I have good habits that help me have a happy, healthy and successful life
  76. I always follow my hunches and my inner wisdom
  77. Life and nature that surround me always offer me inspiration.
  78. I believe in my dreams and they will become true
  79. I am consistent and hardworking
  80. I learn from trial and error
  81. I am friendly and I don’t judge
  82. I like outdoor activities
  83. I am passionate
  84. I am talkative and jolly
  85. I will have a bright future
  86. I stay hydrated
  87. I keep myself and my surroundings clean
  88. I am fond of reading books
  89. I don’t argue with my elders
  90. I am a good listener
  91. I respect my parents
  92. I am helpful
  93. I learn something new daily
  94. I will develop good and healthy habits
  95. I stay focused and avoid distractions
  96. I keep a balance in life
  97. I apologize often
  98. I am polite
  99. I sleep on time
  100. . I help the poor and needy whenever possible!
  101. . I am persistent and hardworking

How to Practice Positive Thinking Affirmations?

1. Focus on the present because thinking about the past will make you depressed and about future will make you anxious. Teach this to your children.

2. Surround yourself with influential people so that you can set an example for you children.

3. Find humor in bad situations, don’t pull on a horrified face in bad situations, and show your child to laugh it off.  Practice affirmations with your child when the situation looks unstable. Make positive affirmations a part of your routine.

Want to practice more? Watch this video.


These affirmations will help the kids as well as the young to stay positive in life. Tell them that they are already the best version of themselves.

Teach them to practice affirmations daily. Emphasize and trust in God and His help! Every child is unique in their own way. Appreciate and encourage your child.

Moreover, tell them that they are valuable and they should know their worth. Practice these affirmations with your kids to develop self-esteem and a creative mindset.