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The Smarter Way to Build Smart Things

Scalable Hardware, Software, and Infrastructure for only $16

  • 1GHz

  • 256MB/512MB

  • I2S Audio

    Dual Mics
  • WiFi B/G/N & BT4.2

    Fully Certified
  • Open Source

    HW, OS, No NDAs!

GR8 Ways to Get C.H.I.P. Pro…

C.H.I.P. Pro Dev Kit $49

Includes 1 C.H.I.P. Pro SMT soldered to Dev Kit Board, 1 stand alone C.H.I.P. Pro, and other goodies in a zipper case.

C.H.I.P. Pro $16

One C.H.I.P. Pro, ready for breadboarding or soldering to your custom PCB. Headers not included.

C.H.I.P. Pro Bulk Order

C.H.I.P. Pro packaged in JEDEC compliant trays, ready for machine placement. Ships in boxes of 20, 100, 400.

From breadboard

to factory floor

Optimized for SMT
with castellated edges.
Machine placeable and robot friendly.

Powered by GR8.
R8 SoC + 256MB DDR3

Datasheet *No Nda Required

Smart things need smart software, Meet Gadget.

Gadget Boots, Builds, Deploys & Operates smart things at any scale.

GADGET BOOTS: Fastbooting, Secure, Mainline Linux that just works.

Open source and built on Mainline Linux with regular updates and critical patches.
Automatically optimized for super-fast boot times and ready to use with ZERO configuration.
Reliable drivers that actually work the way you expect with simple APIs for all the HW features you need.
Gadget Boot runs almost any ARM Linux application and includes built-in container support.

GADGET BUILDS: Write code, make things, and let Gadget do the rest.

Ancient meta-layers, out of date cross-compilers, unmaintained kernel trees, and bloated proprietary IDEs are a thing of the past. Spend your time making things. Gadget will handle the rest.

Start with any ARM Linux project, container or dozens of examples, add a Gadget.yml, add the Gadget remote to your repo, and push!
Gadget will automatically cross-compile your code, manage the required dependencies, and create a custom build specific to your project.
Builds finish in seconds and are ready to deploy across development, test, and production devices.

GADGET DEPLOYS: Git Push firmware to devices via USB, WiFi, or Robots.

Compiled images are flashed instantly via USB or over the air via local WiFi.
Every C.H.I.P. Pro order of 1000 or more is available pre-flashed and pre-tested with YOUR software. Just tag your release build and click deploy. Our robots will do the rest.

GADGET OPERATES: Fix bugs, add features, and manage your things.

Over-The-Air updates encrypted end-to-end with unique managed device keys.
Brick-proof update mechanism ensures that new firmware boots successfully before overwriting.
Built on open standards and massively scalable. Manage all your things from the developer console.
Simple Pricing from 1 to 1MM. Start your C.H.I.P. Pro Bulk Order


x $16 ea $ 11,200,000


C.H.I.P. Pro Dev Kit

Everything you need to start
building your GR8 product.


Plug and play to any point

2 C.H.I.P. Pro Units

The actual thing. One already on the Debug board. Another by itself.

1 Debug

Whatever it is, make sure it WORKS!

C.H.I.P. Pro in Detail